Your branding speaks a thousand words.

Your digital identity speaks a thousand words, let them be the right ones. Your brand identity epitomises your vision for your business. We create meaningful branding that will resonate with consumers and stand out from your competitors. 

RiverWatch Brand and Marketing Strategy

Our holistic approach to design.

Brand Strategy 

We construct effective brand identities that feel genuine and authentic, synergising with your business and audience. We conduct detailed marketing and competitor research and sympathetically combine with your thoughts to guide our recommendations for your brand.

Logo Design

A logo representation of your business can be a powerful symbol. It can embody what you represent to your team and a wider audience. Our collaborative design process allows us to create a lasting representation of your business that is memorable and timeless.  

Brand Messaging

The way you communicate should transmit your values, inspire your customers and generate the desire to buy. We compose your brand messaging by developing your tone of voice, value propositions, and customer personas based on market trends and competitor research.  

Pitch Deck / IM Design

We build impactful investment presentations. We craft completing stories that visually draw your audience through your journey and entice them to know more. Each personalised deck is true to your brand, visually appealing, and concisely sells your business’s vision. 

Brand Guidelines

Your brand identity, across your business and network, should provide a coherent picture of your business's unique proposition. It should build trust and represent your vision. We design brand guidelines and define design rules to provide consistency across your business.  

Advertising Creative

Our team will create impactful online advertising assets to ensure advertising campaigns are on brand and will catch the attention of the right customer persona. We provide full-service copywriting, content and marketing strategy services to compliment your brand and advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t want to change our logo but would like to refine our brand?
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Easy, having a great logo is a strong starting point for a collaboration. We’ll incorporate your logo and build it into a refined brand strategy. We can help you develop your customer personas, tone of voice, and content plans, all true to your brand's vision.

We’re already implementing our current strategy. Will this add any value?
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Two minds are better than one. When it comes to brand success stories, we have our fingers in many pies. Our knowledge and experience across multiple industries allow us to provide valuable commercial insights. 

What do we get out of your design services?
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We’ll create a clear digital strategy to help keep you on track, cement your goals and grow your business. 

Can you help us implement any of the areas of a digital strategy?
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Yes! We can help implement processes such as SEO keyword research to find out what your customer base is searching for. 

Why is brand messaging important?
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Your brand message helps you stand out from the competition. It determines your unique selling points or advantages in the market. Your customer will understand your ideas and values, giving them more reason to do business with you. A strong brand message can inspire your future campaigns and content-writing decisions.

What makes Do Good Things the right choice for building your brand identity?

Considered creativity or no bravado
Through our ideation, research, and design phases, we work collaboratively with you so that the end result will be true to form.

Lasting impact
We design to last and not to trend. Although technology changes in the blink of an eye, we ensure our design stays clean and timeless.

Let's elevate your brand and digital presence together.

Our partnership with you will make your connection to your customer a valuable experience. From crafting a unique digital identity for you to designing and implementing marketing strategies that will see sustainable, measurable growth.