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Email Automation NZ

Automate Your Marketing

As your company expands and more customers begin to interact with it, it will become increasingly difficult to provide everyone with hands-on care. Email marketing automation allows you to keep your customers informed of your services without having to increase your hours. It can also help pre-qualify your audience so you can prioritise the hot leads.

You can devote more time to more valuable tasks, like answering customers' inquiries and closing deals. Email automation can also help you save time by eliminating repetitive tasks like sending follow up emails or scheduling meetings.

Setting up the effective automated email campaigns you can also teach consumers more about your business, inspire them to return, or refresh their memories about why they purchased from you initially.

What Exactly are Automated Email Marketing Services?

Automative Email Marketing can be set up to trigger an email send for many different actions your clients are taking.

One of the greatest benefits of email automation is the ease with which  relevant emails are delivered to specific recipients. By integrating a customer relationship management system (CRM) with an email marketing platform you can provide more personalised content based on actual what action the person is taking as well as their purchasing and engagement history.

Most Email marketing software will typically include automated campaign workflows or pre-built email chains as part of its standard feature set.

Automated emails type can be the following:

  • Transactional Confirmations
  • Confirmations of Shipment.
  • Cart abandonment offers.
  • Greetings to the new subscribers.
  • Promotional and advertising offers.
Email automation

What is the Distinction Between Email Automations and Drip Email Marketing Tool Campaigns?

Drip campaigns and  email automation are often confused with one another. The distinctions are not immediately obvious but are important nonetheless. The approach and content of the emails in a drip campaign differ from those in automated email marketing.

Drip campaigns, also known as blanket emails, are sent to all customers regardless of where they are in the customer journey. They are periodic emails sent to a large audience. A drip campaign could send emails announcing a sale or new product. These emails are sent to customers regardless of their past purchases or engagement with the brand.

Email automation on the other-hand  send customers a predetermined series of emails only when they meet certain criteria. Each customer's automated email series is specific to their journey, wants, and needs. This can make it a pretty powerful tool, personalising messaging for each part of their interaction with your brand.

Why Should You Use Automation Workflows in Your Email Marketing Tools?

Workflows are at the heart of email automation and are the sequence of tasks you tell the automation software to carry out based on certain conditions. This frees busy marketers and salespeople time to focus on tasks like generating a higher quality of leads and converting them.

Our Email Automation specialists work in SaaS, B2B and the Professional Service industry. Our email strategies and continual test and trial methodology are customised to your brand. This enables us to tailor make effective email marketing campaigns to grow your sales pipeline.

Our results show how email automation tools can give you a wider reach to a more educated audience. Here are a few scenarios where our prewritten emails can your target audience.

Unclaimed Shopping Carts

It's frustrating when a customer is on the verge of making a purchase and they backed out at the last second. They aren't ready to purchase but how can we entice them back?

It's estimated that the average cart abandonment rate is 77.13%. eCommerce stores have a massive opportunity for growth by converting this audience.

An automated email is a great way to keep people interested even if they aren't ready to buy.  You can set up an email to a shopper who has abandoned their cart to remind them to finish their purchase.

By sending timely reminder and special offer emails to bring people back to the checkout page can improve your sales with the least amount of change to your pages or offers.

Automatically Notifying Subscribers of New Content

It's possible that a visitor won't return to your site after leaving it. Gaining someone's email address allows you to maintain contact and perhaps even develop further business relationships.

However, having someone's email address isn't enough; you also need something of value to offer them in exchange. By sending out a regular newsletter with exclusive articles or offers, you can build rapport with your readers and keep your brand at the front of their mind when they are ready to interact.

The syndication of your content across your platforms not only reduces the effort it takes to write original content it allows you to engage with more of your audience. Some are more than happy to read the high-level social or newsletter synopsis whilst others will be willing to learn more reading full articles.

By automating this process you can schedule the posts when your audience are the most active or at future dates. This gives you the flexibility to know your marketing is working when you may not be.

Promotion Emails

The value you bring to the customer is crucial to email marketing. Content needs to be entertaining, engaging and relevant. Spamming them with links to your product will not increase sales because they will ignore the messages as spam.

To get the most out of it, you should incorporate your promotions into a well-thought-out email series, which can be hard to execute manually.

Welcome Emails

A welcome email should be sent to new subscribers as soon as possible after they sign up for your email list, whilst its fresh in their mind what it was that they liked that made them sign up.

It's impossible to sit in front of a computer and watch as people sign up for emails all day long; this is why automation is important to respond quickly to them.

You can explain what they expect from receiving your emails and why they should care. Your recipients will be more engaged with your emails if they know what to expect from them.

Automatic Responses to Customer Concerns

To resolve issues effectively quick acknowledgement of someone with a complaint or an issue it's important to give them reassurance that they will be heard. But, unfortunately, the longer they wait for a reply, the more impatient they become.

Rather than manually responding to each complaint as soon as they come in, you can automate a response that addresses the customer's concerns and assures them that they are being addressed.

This demonstrates to customers that their concerns have been heard and that they can expect a response promptly.

Ready to see results with your Email Automation?

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When To Avoid Sending Automated Emails?

Although automated emails can be customised, their flexibility is limited. When using an automated email marketing system, you must rely on different types of customer segments or actions the customer has taken to deliver customised messages. 

Although classifying someone makes them distinct from the general population, it does not make them an individual. Subscribing email lists can be successfully segmented to provide subscribers with more relevant and useful information through targeted campaigns. However, there are situations where personalisation is required, and automated emails won't cut it.

Even if an automated email is used for the initial response, especially within the customer care and sales cycles the follow-ups must be handled with care.

Keep this in mind when establishing your automated email workflow. When is it appropriate to address people as a group, versus when do you need to treat each person as an individual? Customers' need for tailored messages increases as they move deeper into the sales funnel.

Do Good Things are Email Automation Specialists. We can help you create clear workflows and segmenting to increase your audience penetration and engagement.

Our experience with implementing email marketing campaigns for marketing and sales cycles has increased our clients growth by in some cases 50% more qualified leads.

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The Value of Email Automation Services

Email Automation Services

Automating your emails and using email marketing services allows you to do the following:

Understanding Your Customer

Most marketers have a hunch that personalisation is a huge draw for customers, and now research confirms it. Overwhelmingly, 90% of customers are interested in receiving personalised content. This is where an email marketing service can really shine.

Email marketing is marketers' most popular form of personalised customer experience. Building stronger connections with customers and expanding your business is possible through email automation. Boosting the effectiveness of email marketing as a sales channel.

The best email marketing services will not only use a marketing automation tool to stay in touch with your customers with consistent contact, but they will also personalise the email marketing efforts to ensure existing customers are catered to with automated workflows and high-powered results.

Utilise Your Team's Time More Efficiently

All types of teams are adapting their workflows to accommodate automation without having to touch a drag and drop builder on the typical email marketing platforms. In the world of email marketing, this could mean less time spent on tasks like list building and message scheduling by hand. Instead, team members could put that time to better use by attending to more pressing matters, such as cultivating meaningful connections with clients.

Even a basic email marketing service will have email marketing automation tools that saves you time and money when it comes to deploying your automated emails.

Increase The Percentage of Returning Customers

Since it takes less time and money to sell to an existing customer than to win over a new one, it makes sense to automate your efforts to maintain that relationship.

Keep in touch with your customers regularly by scheduling messages and ensuring the content is valuable to them and at the quantity that they can find acceptable.

Depending on your industry, your sale cycle maybe 1 day or it might be 60 days by implementing a well through out campaign you can keep your brand at their top of mind and provide them with value along that way.

How Automated Emails Can Help You Nurture leads?

No matter how wonderful your product is, asking a stranger for money is never easy. Simply requesting a contact's email address is a low-hanging fruit for most sales prospects. 

When you have a customer's email address, you can use an automated lead nurturing campaign to establish rapport, gain trust, and keep your brand front of mind.

Relationship building is at the heart of lead nurturing. Personal connections and catering to prospective customers are the foundations upon which these partnerships are erected. 

With automation, your team can spend less time nurturing leads without sacrificing the individual attention they need to provide. The time spent by your sales team sending out mundane emails can be better spent closing deals, thanks to automation.

Facilitating More Efficient Automated Email Responses

If you want your new automated email strategy to go as smoothly as possible, consider the following advice:

Analyse Your Customers Reactions

Sending out a mass email gives you a chance to gather valuable customer data at regular intervals.

What you learn about your customers from sending them automated emails can help you decide what to say and do next. Being able to test what content gets better reactions from your customers and what falls flat is simple with the right tool. This allows you to gradually optimise your campaigns for better success.

Use Clever Pricing Strategies

People often abandon their shopping carts because of the high cost of shipping.

Although you can't do away with shipping costs or drastically reduce prices, you can send promotional codes and coupons to win over hesitant buyers. This tactic has potential, but it should be used sparingly. Customers may start expecting discounts regularly if you give them too many.

Set Up Automatic Drip Campaigns

Everyone who makes contact with your company will not necessarily end up becoming a paying customer. Drip campaigns are a method of gradually disseminating informative content about a brand, item, or market.

Drip marketing campaigns rely on email automation to ensure that the campaign's emails are only sent to prospects who have expressed interest in the product or service being promoted.

How to Start Automating Your Email Marketing?

The most effective first step in automating your email marketing is to reach out to a company that is experienced in email marketing services. You want a company that has a lot of experience with some of the best email marketing software available to track your email campaigns.

That's where we come in, we have implemented campaigns for customers using Klayvio, Mailchimp and more to streamline their Marketing operations and increase sales.

Why Look to an Expert in Email Automation Services?

Automating your email marketing helps save time that can then be invested in serving customers and completing other high-priority tasks. By hiring a specialist to optimising your email marketing strategy and customising email content will help you raise engagement and conversion rates among your intended audience and customers. 

We help you target more of your demographic and help you maintain your customer engagement easily with automated email campaigns. Automations operate independently so you set it up once and watch it fly, unlike manual campaigns.

Any customer, from first-time visitors to loyal patrons, can receive a customised email campaign thanks to automation. Additionally, integrating customer analytics into your email automation system allows you to fine-tune your targeting with every message you send, allowing you to expand your business without sacrificing the personal touch. 

Are You looking for the Best Email Automation Services Around?

Do Good Things is digital marketing agency with an experienced Email Automation Service that have customised countless Email Campaigns within eCom, Professional services to SaaS.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level through email automation, get in touch with our team today.