Copywriting Services

Copywriting Services

Connect to Your Target Audience

Effective content is essential in today's digital world to connect your business with your audience. Copywriters play a big role in nearly every facet of your digital marketing efforts. 

The structure of the content and the depth of detail or sales influence depends on where it is seen by prospective customers. There are sales pages with persuasive problem-benefit copywriting designed to convert visitors into leads to long-form content, like pillar pages and blogs, that can help boost the site's visibility in SERPS.

From adverts, emails and social posts to a blog post and landing pages, engaging, persuasive copywriting is an important part of your marketing strategy. 

Why Take your Copywriting Seriously?

Whether it is web copy, blog posts for search engine optimisation or ad copy for your marketing. The service that writers provide is invaluable and is at the heart of a solid Content Marketing strategy. The competitive advantage a skilled writer can provide can attract the right buyer persona and retain your customers just by telling stories about your brand that your audience wants to hear.

We as digital marketers value quality copywriting above many of our other services as it:

It Sets the Conversational Tone for your Brand

The tone of voice for a brand and marketing messages are the bedrock of any company's identity. The words that your copywriter uses in your marketing material should reflect your values and your tone of voice in order to represent your brand well and capture the attention of your desired audience.  

It Gives You a Competitive advantage

Flowing through from adverts to websites - copywriters can create dynamic ad copy. It can creates loyalty and trust and boosts your authority on your chosen subject matter if done well.

With the digital landscape a highly competitive one, it can transform a business from a mediocre one to a trusted partner.   

Supports the Sales Funnel

Sales copy can be utilised to provoke readers to take the desired action. It's a powerful tool for shaping consumers' impressions of your company. Being able to inspire the desired action or feeling in a clear, succinct way is an art form that can take years to perfect.   

However, you can only convert leads into loyal customers if you lay that groundwork first. You need to create interest before you can do the hard sell. You can increase your traffic, leads, and conversions with the help of a copywriter who writes engaging content for your sales page.

High-Quality Writing Skills

Employing professional copywriting services, a freelance copywriter, or an in-house writer for SEO or landing page content will help ensure that the content is produced to the highest possible quality and will help promote your brand to the world. 

What are the Benefits of High-Quality Copy?

If you want to succeed in business, you need to find customers for your goods or clients for your services. And that's where a skilful copywriter comes in. Writing copy aims to motivate readers to take action after encountering your ads, social media posts, or landing pages. Therefore, compelling copywriting is essential for turning leads into paying customers.

Good copywriting and content have an assortment of positive effects on a business, beginning with the emotional connection it establishes with potential customers. Customers' propensity to buy increases when they develop an emotional investment in your brand. In addition, if they can identify with the voice of your brand, they'll have faith that it can ease their difficulties.

Any good copy should include a "call to action" that encourages the reader to purchase. You'll notice an increase in sales as well as conversions. The quality of the copywriting you produce is essential for your business's success. 

Need to Convince More People to Say Yes to Your Business?

Something that our Do Good Things team are passionate about is persuasive copywriting and SEO content to connect and influence your audience.

We can illustrate the direct relationship between conversion rates and sales increases and our copywriting. Be it Facebook or Google Ads, SEO content, Email marketing or Landing pages we can help you engage with your audience and convert them to leads. 

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Convince More People to Say Yes

What Are the Characteristics of Effective Copywriting?

As a business owner, it is easy to assume that you have a firm grasp on what sets your product or service apart from the competitors. As well as the passion to convey its value to potential customers. However, can you manage both the hands-on day-to-day running of your business and planning for future growth if you are having to spend the time writing it all out? 

By employing a copywriter who can interpret the passion and knowledge you have for your industry and service, you can utilise their service to influence your sales pipeline whilst you concentrate on the important things. 

Here’s what you should be looking for when looking for a service to promote your business.

Focus On Satisfying Your Target Demographic First

Before starting out, a copywriter needs to understand who your potential customers are and what your readers want. Focusing on what your customers have to say, their pain points and how that relates to your solution is key to engaging the right buyer persona. By keeping your target demographic in mind and including information that will interest them, a copywriter can produce work that will resonate better than big, bold claims about solving everyone's problems. 

Trusted and Relevant Content Marketing Materials

Unique, well-founded copywriting can be a potent means by which brands engage with their target audiences. In addition, the marketing materials pave the way for businesses to find their voice and distinguish themselves as the authority on information compared to their competition by using a unique tone of voice.

Ensure your copywriter can clearly show your readers where they found the information by properly citing and linking to high-authority sites. You should ensure that copy has not been plagiarised as Google penalises copy that has been taken directly from other sources.

Empathic and Persuasive. 

Skilled copywriters can put themselves in the customer's shoes and craft content to address their concerns and needs by tapping into the customer's internal dialogue. Once you connect with your readers with compelling copy, they can easily subscribe to or purchase your products and services.

Each of these factors is essential to the success of a company's digital marketing campaign and the realisation of its objectives.

Effective Copywriting

What Defines the Copywriting Fundamentals?

Our copywriting tips follow three essential elements:

Use the Correct Tone Of Voice

This aspect of copywriting depends on the company and services you offer; thus, the tone shifts from company to company. For instance, the tone of a media or digital design firm is more likely to be flowery and colourful, while that of a law firm is likely to be much more formal and straightforward. Crafting copy for your specific audience with the right tone results in copy that sells.

Be Clear and Concise. 

Good copywriting is not about making up word counts. Writing copy that is clear and to the point will keep people reading  far longer compared to overcomplicating it or adding in fillers. Using too much technical jargon in copy will likely turn off the reader, while short sentences are preferred for readability. It is advisable to avoid obscurity by using the fewest words necessary to convey the intended meaning.

Be Accurate 

Copywriting should be free of errors, and thorough editing and proofreading are mandatory. The reader may interpret grammar mistakes that appear in published content as sloppiness and can hurt the perception of your brand.

Tips On Finding Reliable Copywriting Services

Knowing what to look for in a good copywriter with strong writing skills, it can be a hard job to find one that fits. It can also be a liability to rely on people with little professional writing experience, even if they know your business inside and out. Fast, cost-effective and high-quality content comes from professional content writers. 

We can speak from authority on this, even if they are fluent in English and have a degree in English - it doesn't mean they can interpret your passion and write marketing copy to the standard you need it. It's really all about the experience. 

In-House Copywriter

Hiring a copywriter to work in-house can be a good idea if you have the budget for it and your business is stable enough to justify keeping this person on staff. 

If you hire a writer in-house, you can easily tailor their voice and expertise to your brand and its needs. You can exert greater influence over the final product.

However a challenge you might comes across with this option is that in-house copywriters may not understand how to influence your search engine rankings by writing content and web pages that contain the relevant keywords. It's crucial to your search results and online sales that you produce website copy and written content that appeals to a search engine as well as a reader.

A Copywriting Service or Freelance Copywriter.

For most companies, however, it is the expense of bringing in a professional writer, which can be outweighed by the other roles you prefer to have in-house. You might just need a bit of help writing some blogs, a free ebook or ad copy, so if that's the case,  outsourcing could be the best option when hiring a copywriter.

By using a copywriting service provided by a full-service digital marketing agency, you can get a reliable source who can write ads, a blog post for SEO, as well as marketing copy for your website. The bonus for outsourcing is that you are keeping your choices open if you don’t see the customer engagement you were expecting. 

Outsourced SEO Copywriting and Digital Marketing Services

If you hire a copywriting service outside your company, you can choose between independent writers and copywriting agencies. No matter which option you take, checking their references, recommendations, and portfolio first will give you a feeling of the style and tone of voice they use for a similar service to yours. 

Conversely, higher prices are only sometimes indicative of superior product quality. Asking for results from Copywriting and Digital Marketing agencies can show how seriously they take their content marketing. They should be able to reference what impact their writing had on their client’s marketing and sales growth.  This is especially true if you are employing them for SEO or Conversion Rate Optimisation content writing. 

Copywriting Case Study

Here is an example of how our SEO & copywriting strategy has increase organic traffic for one of our clients.

Over the past 6 months we have implemented a SEO Strategy involving the formation of long form pillar pages and supportive blogs.

Our copywriting strategy involved structured on-page SEO as well as enriching articles with high-intent keywords.

Producing an increase of organic traffic by 242%

We have written 10 long form pages averaging 4000 words each and 20 blogs averaging 1500 words all writing for a Professional Service.

Their organic traffic now represents 35% of their overall traffic which is an increase of 20%.

Why Use Professional Website Copywriting Services?

The main benefits of using professional copywriting services are:

  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Cost-Effective

Our clients use our services due to:

Our Adaptability

Effective copy is essential in today's digital world to see results and connect with your audience. Our professional copywriting service offers adaptable copywriting services for all platforms and purposes, meaning you employ specialists in many of the digital marketing fields. 

Our Flexibility

There are financial and operational benefits of employing a professional copywriting service. Instead of having to choose between full-time staff members and freelancers, many businesses are turning to copywriting agencies.

Our Reliability

We use in-house writers or a network of freelancers to meet your needs. Hiring someone is a hassle, but this eliminates that step. A professional copywriting agency can also help you meet your deadlines when you need a lot of content written to enhance your marketing strategy. 

Our Cost-effective

Our agency assigns you a point of contact who can help tailor the project and its content to your needs, but you won't have to worry about the writing itself because the company will manage it. In terms of cost, this may be the most cost-effective solution, even though you will be paying more for high-quality copywriting services than you would for a less expensive alternative.

Why Choose a Copywriting Agency?

Employing an agency that specialises in writing copy is a simple solution for any company wanting to improve its marketing position. Whether your goal is to increase organic website traffic or to increase sales via a sales page on your website, an agency can handle the grunt work for you.

When you choose a professional copywriting service provider, the specialists will be able to analyse your company from the perspective of your target audience. They have the know-how to create copy that gets results, be it organic traffic, sales, leads, or anything else.

Big advantages include having more time for other things and less time spent writing. No matter the nature of their product or service, any business can benefit from outsourcing their content marketing materials.

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