Digital Design

Digital Design

Digital design is taking the forefront and redefining the traditional graphic design processes. 

Today's designers need to be multi-skilled and adaptable designing for a multitude of different digital devices and mediums. Achieving the best result requires understanding of the different forms digital design takes. The impact digital design makes on both web, app and performance marketing can shape the growth of a company and its customer base.  

What Exactly Is Meant By The Term "Digital Design?"

To put it simply, digital design refers to any type of design that is displayed on an app or website as opposed to physically on a printed page.

It's planning how a digital interface's visual elements and behaviours will appear to users. The work of a digital designer extends far beyond the creation of static images.  It entails the development of interactive interfaces or imagery that are tailored to individual devices' needs while maintaining a sense of aesthetic harmony.

Is There A Distinction Between Digital and Graphic Design?

The term "graphic design" is frequently used as a catch-all for various visual styles. There are distinctions, though. The primary difference between graphic design and digital design is that for digital design there maybe the presence of motion in the form of interactive pages, animations, and 2D or 3D modelling. 

Distribution methods are also flexible: The consumption of digital designs is most common on screens (such as tablets, computers, or smartphones) and is frequently accompanied by audio design. Whilst Graphic design distributes is centred on physical products like packaging, print media, and clothing.  

While the medium may differ, the purpose of graphic and digital design is the same: to convey information visually.

The term "interactive design" describes a new sub-genre of digital design. The next level of design is interactive. The interactivity with the content is prioritised over its aesthetics, and the audience is invited to participate in the action.

Digital design

What Makes a Great Digital Design?

Here is a list of how we ensure our digital designs stand out online. 

Researching the Market

By utilising industry and competitor research to inform your digital design strategy you are already one step ahead. If you are a Startup SaaS company for example, by understanding what experienced, well-positioned SaaS companies are doing to engage their customer. 

By adapting elements like composition, themes, type of message for your own unique campaign you are starting your design process from a more advanced position. 

By analysing your competitors as well will allow you to ensure you can create a unique tone of voice and selling points of your product or service that your competitors are not. One quick tip -  look at the poor reviews on their site - create selling points for your ads to address those points that your product/service will overcome. Say if they had slow customer service, your advertising could make a point to say “Quick, Easy Customer Support’ This will support both acquisition of new customers and converting their customers looking for better service into yours. 

Researching Your Users

By identifying your user personas, understanding their tone of voice, their pain points and goals you can build out an informed picture of your customer. This will guide your design choices and how best to represent them within your digital design and content for advertising and websites. 

Interactive & Engaging

Digital design should be first and foremost interactive, it should invite people to click on an ad, scroll through a website and direct them clearly with the intent for what you want them to do. 

The pathway from ad click to conversion is part of the design process. Ensuring the least amount of friction for users is felt and you keep them engaged along the way. Good design increasing your click through rate from your adverts as well as your conversion rate on your website, apps and emails. 

Clean Design Choices

Your digital design should be flexible and adaptable enough to be readable on every size devices. Using a visual hierarchy and use of white space, to make your content easy to understand.

Your text and imagery should be able to create impact and be clear especially on a mobile device. Using too much text in a design can be overwhelming and hard to read. 

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What Are the Types of Digital Design Solutions that a Digital Ad Agency Can Provide?

There are many places where the digital design would be useful. They often come included in digital marketing service solutions when you are working with Digital Ad Agencies.  Here are some ways we use our digital design to promote your business. 

Web Design & Landing Pages

Digital design is most frequently seen in action on a marketing website and its digital advertising. Today more than ever, a good user experience is needed to keep visitors on a website and grab their attention. 

Effective digital design is crucial to build rapport and trust with potential customers.  Attention grabbing landing page are also key elements of digital design as the main platform to convert customers from your advertising campaigns. 

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Online Advertising & Digital Marketing Strategy

Successful online advertising works best to engage your audience and generated leads with good digital design.  By testing a variety of digital design through online advertising and social media ads digital marketing ad agencies can create digital marketing Christchurch strategies informed by real-life data, understanding what messages and imagery are driving the most engagement and interest. 

Digital marketing agency overlay the data rich insights into a holistic digital strategy, informing the direction on the next stages of their digital design progression on their landing pages, search engine optimisation and Google Ads. 

Many of the best digital marketing ad agencies will then create strategies based on data from their successful Facebook ad campaigns and data and analytics from Google Analytics.

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Infographic Design for Digital Ad Designers

Infographics are visual summaries of data that can turn even dry facts into an engaging narrative. Incorporating interactive features into an infographic can significantly enhance the usefulness of the visual aid. 

App Design

Similar to web design, app design can be for both web and mobile devices. Apps are built to serve a specific purpose such as for e-learning, e-shopping, or e-communication,

Digital Designers create the structure of these apps before they go into development.

They specialise in UX/UI design which supports an effective the end-to end user journey across the app, whilst creating the visual impact to keep the users engaged and build trust with the web or mobile application.  

Social Media Design for Digital Marketing Campaigns

More people are likely to share an image than a block of text on social media. With the help of digital design, interesting visual posts can be made to convey information. While static posts can serve this purpose, animated ones are preferable. A video's share-ability increases by 1200% compared to that of still images and text put together.

Presentation Design

Digital design can be crucial for any presentation to support the speaker's words visually.

In the context of an event like a trade show, for instance, well-designed presentations can help inform attendees and keep their interest while all available staff members are otherwise occupied. This can be achieved by continuously playing the presentation.

Do Good Things with Digital Design

With a vast amount of websites and companies trying to make an impact online how do you stand out?

Our digital design strategy is informed by competitive research, driven by data & analytics, and tailor-made for your brand. 

Our performance marketing campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google are all centred around how we can best capture your brand with digital design. We can help you engage with the right customers, using the most impactful messaging and digital design.

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Do Good Things digital designers create lead and demand generation campaigns that bring you more business.  

Various Categories Of Digital Designers

When you are scoping out your project and understanding who you need to help construct your vision, there are numerous role within the field of design. Its important to note that not every designer can do the whole spectrum of digital design so when you are talking to a design agency or freelancer be specific with what projects you want to carry out. The designer roles include:

Graphic Designers

Although "graphic designer" can refer to a wide variety of professions, graphic designers with digital experience are digital artists who primarily work with static images. These artists could be making a digital illustration, logo, report, or infographic. Aesthetics, legibility, and company identity are all high on their list of priorities.

Its important to check the designers digital experience as many graphic designers may have more experience designing packaging or print for physical products with very little knowledge of digital formats. 

Web Designers

In addition to focusing on the visual design of websites, web designers may also create their sites' interactive features. They should be familiar with HTML and CSS and how apps and websites work. In addition to keeping accessibility and usability in mind, web designers Christchurch should be aware of current aesthetic trends in the field. They can also become web developers with platforms like WebFlow, where design blocks make it simple to build out websites without complicated code.

Product Designers

The work of a product designer and a user experience designer is very similar. Product designers think about the business and the brand as well as the user, considering how the digital product should function, how much it will cost, and the larger scope of the product within the context of the business. The UX designer will likely have questions during user testing, and the product designer must be prepared to answer them.

Interaction Designers

Interaction designers aim to maximise the positive impact of all user interactions with a product. Interaction design aims to develop tools that help people carry out their daily tasks more efficiently. Sound and animation are common tools used by interaction designers to improve online encounters.

User Experience Designers

Designers who specialise in user experience pay close attention to usability. They create conceptual blueprints (wireframes) for services and goods like websites, apps, and more. Designers of user interfaces are often expected to work closely with researchers and produce multiple iterations of their work before testing them with actual users. Therefore, data and aesthetics should be the primary inspiration for their designs.

Get Ahead of Your Competitors

The sheer volume of digital gadgets on the market today necessitates careful design considerations to accommodate the growing number of possible channels and scenarios. 

It's a delicate balance of understanding the user, the channel and design aesthetics to create more impact for your brand and drive your message home. 

Do Good Things are data-driven digital designers who can capture your companies goals through clean, impactful web design and digital advertising.     

We work with our partners like we are part of their team and thrive on a good challenge.

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