Marketing Websites

Marketing Websites

What Makes an Effective Marketing Website?

Approximately 71% of all businesses have a website for their marketing. 

It is more important than ever to be online, as having a marketing website is not only helpful for brand recognition but also increases lead generation and sales. 

Gone are the days where developing your company’s website costs tens of thousands of dollars, requires a full team of developers and results in a pretty clunky website at the end.

Low Cost Marketing Website platforms such as Webflow minimise coding and development time while retaining that beautiful, professional finish. 

Are you looking to implement a Marketing Website for your business? 

Read on to see why having a website for your brand today is absolutely essential and how Webflow can help in building a customised website for your business.

Why is a Marketing Website Important for Your Business?

Credibility & Trust For Your Business

Before a customer purchases a product or service from you online, the first thing they do is evaluate your website. 

A business with an authentic, polished and professional website builds trust and credibility. Also, a well designed website establishes your authority in your industry and provides a strong online presence. 

In comparison, a business without a website is going to raise legitimacy issues and customers will hesitate to purchase products or services from you online. It's also a similar feeling that viewers have to outdated and poorly thought-out websites, as this can raise questions as to whether the business is still operating or trustworthy. 

Brand Awareness - Who You Are and What You Do

Your website is critical to showcasing your brand and what services or products you provide. 

Branding can play an important part in consideration as it represents who you are and what you do. Consistency of branding online from your advertising to your website allows potential leads to easily recognise your business wherever they come across it. 

Customers who can understand and relate to your brand are more likely to buy from you and become return customers. 

Increase Lead Generation & Sales

The potential to increase your sales or leads online is a guarantee with a well-structured, clear marketing website and landing page setup to convert visitors. 

Social proof such as reviews and testimonials play important roles on a website and support the sales process with around 81% of shoppers conducting their research online before buying.

On the technical side you are also able to configure your site into a sales funnel to either collect leads or automate the process with clear product descriptions and pricing pages, payment gateways to make online transactions. 

Results from a Website Redevelopment Carried Out by Do Good Things

Doubled form submissions for free consultation from CRO on a marketing website.

Results from a Website Redevelopment Carried Out by Do Good Things

A Conversion Platform for Digital Marketing 

If you are currently using Digital Marketing platforms such as Google or Meta Ads, your ad campaigns from these can be linked to your website or landing page. 

The advertising sparks the interest of potential customers and your website should then make it easy for them to inquire about your service, sign up for a free trial or purchase your product.

People browsing your website should be able to see what you are offering, what you are about and how they can reach you really easily. 

If done correctly, combining your digital marketing strategies with a well-designed Marketing website will increase sales or leads for your business. 

Results from CRO strategy on Landing Pages for Google Ads for a Do Good Things Client.

100% Increase of the conversions for Free Consultation from our paid search campaign beginning in July 2022 from CRO and campaign optimisation

Results from CRO strategy on Landing Pages for Google Ads for a Do Good Things Client.

Attract Organic Search Traffic

Around 93% of all online experiences start with a Google Search.

Without a Marketing website, you will not be able to appear in Google Search and you will be missing out on a tonne of potential business.

A website that has well-constructed On-Page SEO with unique content and a SEO strategy to rank for high-intent keywords will bring you leads without paying for advertising. 

Providing Accessibility at All Hours

We can only work so many hours in a day but your Marketing website can do the heavy lifting once you clock off. 

With a Marketing website, potential customers can find out information about your business or have their questions addressed through automated live chat or email after hours. 

This keeps people interested in your business and stops them going elsewhere if you aren’t available.

What Makes a Good Marketing Website Design?

The biggest thing a good Marketing website should give to a viewer is a frictionless, clear impression of your business to your prospects. Here are the key aspects we look for in a good website design.

Well-structured & Visually Appealing 

Your Marketing website should easy and simple to use and inform visitors of what your business is, and what service you provide. 

Communication should be concise with the use of headlines to tell a condensed version of your story recommended so that you can capture the quick scrolling visitors interest.  

Visitors should be able to navigate easily through your website without having to click through too far to get important information. 

Branding and Digital Design plays a part here allowing people to easily identify your business when clicking on your website. If your website is too overwhelming with lots of images and copy it could put visitors off engaging with your website. 

If you are wanting to create a website that can really showcase your brand, Webflow developers nz can create a visually appealing, customisable designs which are affordable. 

Good User Experience

If you are looking to bring in more leads, it is critical that your potential customer has a good experience on your website. 

Understanding your customer’s journey can help with this. A customer journey is a diagram that outlines the step-by-step actions and decision points a user will take when interacting with your website. 

From this process, inefficiencies in the user experience can be understood and improved, ultimately leading to happier customers and more conversions!

Attract the Ideal Customer 

Your ideal customer should be able to understand what product or service you are providing and what you are about within seconds of clicking on your website. 

Your marketing copywriting, tone of voice and images on your website are key to attracting your ideal customer profiles. You need to clearly represent them on the website. If your copy echoes the types of problems they have and how your service fixes them you can have a stronger resonance with your potential customers.

Fast & Responsive = Better Customer Experience 

Around 52% of online visitors will leave your website if it does not load within 6 seconds, 8% will leave if it takes more than a second. We just don’t have the patience to wait these days. 

These statistics show that having a website that is fast and responsive is not just a nice feature, it is a necessity for doing business online. 

That is why we choose Webflow as its no code platform that is fast and responsive. We also ensure your visual assets are set up effectively to support faster loading times.

Another benefit of having a faster and more responsive website is that these are more favourable by Google Search and tend to rank higher on Google. 

CTA Relevant to Your Visitors

A call-to-action or CTA is a message on your website that encourages your potential customer to take action. 

This could be a ‘Buy Now’ button which links you through to a purchasing page or a ‘Call Now’ button which directly calls the company. 

A CTA is important as it encourages the website user to take action. Without a clear CTA, the user may not know what to do next and leave your site without making contact with your business in some form. 

A recent client of ours, increased their conversions by 100% when we installed a button on the top right hand corner of their site. 

A CTA in the right place, with the right message will lead to more clicks, conversion and sales. 

How Does A Marketing Website Work to Improve Your Sales Funnel?

Having a functional and responsive marketing website is central to an effective sales funnel. After leading a customer onto your site through Paid advertising or SEO Wellington, your site is the next step in a prospects journey to be come a customer with you.

Getting this journey working as effectively and efficiently as possible is important to increase qualified leads coming into your sales funnel.

Read on to find out how you can improve your sales funnel and how this ties in with a well designed and responsive website. 

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the sales and marketing process your prospects go through before they become a customer. 

Moving from top to bottom, the stages of a sales funnel are:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase 

With each step, your prospect becomes more interested in your product or service to the point where they are willing and able to make a purchase. 

It is important to identify where your prospects are in the different stages of your sales funnel, as you can then determine how to move them from one stage to the next. 

Interested in Implementing a Sales Funnel But Not Sure Where To Start?

Understanding how to define and optimise an effective sales funnel can be confusing.

How do you know where to start? 

Do Good Things is a Digital Marketing Agency experienced in optimising sales funnels for businesses like yours. We work with clients from Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and many others all over NZ.

Get advice early and start out on the right foot. Reach out to us today. 

What Strategies Can You Use to Feed Your Sales Funnel?

Your Marketing Sales Funnel can be improved through multiple different strategies.

It is important to keep in mind that some of these methods may work better for your business than others. Consulting in Sales Funnel experts before proceeding with any of the below strategies may pay off in the long run. 

Integrate Email Automation to Power Your Sales Process

Email marketing inevitably comes up near the top when you want to increasing website traffic. Why? Simply put, it works, and it has worked time and time again. It's typical rate of return is $44 for every $1 invested. 

You can use email automation and marketing to:

  • Generate and maintain new leads. 
  • New customer acquisition and support. 
  • Revenue growth from current customers.
  • Incorporate feedback and expand your online profile.

Email marketing, particularly newsletters, is highly effective because they allow you to speak directly to your target audience. 

On your marketing website you can integrate marketing automation to support your sales cycle. In exchange for something of value like an ebook, a webinar etc you can capture email addresses. As long as you are clear that they will receive marketing information you can feed these into an automated email campaign. By drip feeding more information about your product, company or offers you can keep your brand front of mind. 

Search Engine Optimisation to Capture More Leads

SEO is the backbone of your site's organic strategy. SEO planning should ideally begin before any work is done on the website's content. 

SEO starts before prospective customers have even landed on the page and forms part of your demand generation strategy into your sales funnel educating your leads and qualifying them for  your sales team.

By using Google's keyword planner to discover what keywords will work best for your specific market, this research will help you form the content and site structure.

Pick keywords with low competition and high search frequency to use throughout your website will help boost your rankings. You should also incorporate the chosen keywords into the page's title, image descriptions, headings, and meta descriptions. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a time-tested method for rising to the top of relevant online searches and attracting new customers

You must remember to pay attention to long-tail keywords. You'll have an easier time ranking higher in the search results than your competition for these because of their limited focus. 

SEO and Your Marketing Website Go Hand in Hand

If you are looking to build a new Marketing website, seriously consider talking to a digital company who can build in a SEO strategy. We have seen countless times with our clients site design for look which will compromise their organic ranking.

Combining a clear, SEO-friendly site-map with carefully selected keywords across your website you have the best chance at ranking higher on Google Search. 

Do Good Things can help you design a dynamic Webflow website which will support your future SEO strategies.

Contact us today.

SEO and your marketing website

Craft Original and Interesting Content to Engage Your Audience. 

When promoting a website organically, content is king. The content you produce must be, first and foremost, unique, useful, engaging, and interesting to the target audience.

A marketing website will be able to direct customers to sales teams easier if their marketing efforts are focused on crafting quality content such as a blog post or pillar pages to provide valuable information. It's also important to use social media marketing to spread this content.

SEO goes hand in hand with original content. As writing posts to have something up on a blog is pointless. You need to provide your visitors with fresh, high-quality content that compels them to spend time on your site. Keyword research can inform what content to write that people are wanting to read. 

The challenge is then producing high-quality content regularly however this is were copywriting services can help. By getting help or advice on how to best engage your audience from a service that writes content and does On-page SEO can help build an effective strategy for your business.  

Craft Original and Interesting Content to Engage Your Audience

Social Media

Based on the specifics of your industry, the role of social media in your online advertising strategy may be relatively minor or pivotal. You can determine the worth of each social network for your company by studying your competition and industry and testing it for yourself.

Social media posting works best when you determine which platforms target your ideal customer. Spamming social media posts on different platforms is inefficient - while there is no monetary cost associated with posting, there is the cost of your time and effort.

Social Media posts and advertising can change which stage a potential customer is at in the sales funnel. A social media user that sees and interacts with your posts may become more interested in your product or service. Once they have the intent to buy, a social media post with a link to your marketing website’s product pages might be all it takes to convert them to a customer. 

The absence of a social media presence can be a red flag to potential customers, even if it isn't bringing in a lot of new business. Building trust and credibility with your audience requires covering the basics. This is necessary if you plan to engage in any form of targeted advertising. 

Social media

Search Engine Marketing and Advertising 

A Marketing Website needs a balance of long-form pages to boost SEO and conversion pages to convert leads from Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Getting this balance right increases your conversion rate. It is something seriously to consider as you are building your site.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are businesses' most common and productive paid advertising platforms. Linking ads shown on these platforms to a marketing website or landing page is an effective way of converting prospects to customers.  

Google Ads

When using Google Ads, you can choose from display ads, text ads, or video ads.  Some companies handle their AdWords accounts internally, even though the vast majority hire a Google Partner to do it for them. 

Text Ads

At the very top of search engine results pages are sponsored text links. These ads are effective because they use targeted keywords, much like search engine optimisation. However, you'll have to pay for every click on these ads.

What you pay per click will be determined by the quality of your ads and your competitors' bids. For instance, a good quality score and lower cost-per-click result in an ad with compelling copy and a relevant landing page. This method is a very direct way to generate leads.

Display Ads

Websites and mobile apps are just a few places where you might encounter a display ad. If you have an existing lead or customer base or previous visitors to your site, you can pay to have your display ads shown to them known as re-marketing, this works to remind people what your business can promise them if they have not yet made a decision to buy. 

Although display ads have a much lower click-through rate than text ads, they are a great way to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing and remain top-of-mind with your target audience. This may start a prospects customer journey which may lead them to becoming new customers.

Video Ads

Video ad formats can reach and engage new and existing consumers. In addition, videos have the potential to appear on both YouTube and the Google Display Network.

A video ad's first few seconds are crucial for capturing attention and showcasing the advertised product or service. Your company will still be exposed to the viewer even if they ignore the ad. Your brand's reputation will gradually improve as a result. Profits from video advertising can be huge if you can find compelling videos to use.

Video Ads can link to your marketing website so that interested prospects can find out more information on your product or service. This in turn moves a prospect further down the sales funnel and closer to making a purchase. 

6 Effective Tips to Improve Your Marketing Website 

To succeed, a website must accomplish the primary objective of increasing sales. With the help of a customised digital marketing strategy, you can ensure that your website and sales funnel are calibrated correctly to support your goals.

Consider these 6 things if you want to improve your online performance.

6Tips To Improve Your Marketing Website

  • Straight-forward Customer Experience
  • SEO friendly site-structure
  • Clear CTAs 
  • Problem- Solution statements to resonate with visitors
  • Automated Email Marketing to keep your brand top of mind
  • A Reporting Dashboard to evaluate your website and advertisements performance.

A reputable digital firm will be able to evaluate your website and strategy and give you a clear audit of what it needs to improve. 

Looking For a New Marketing Website For Your Business?

Do Good Things is a Digital Marketing Agency that uses Webflow to create professional and beautifully designed websites.  We are SEO and SEM specialists which helps us develop sites that will work effectively with both channels.

If you are looking to implement a new website to attract new customers, drive traffic and generate more sales, get in touch with us today.