Bing Ads Management

Bing Ads Management

For any business or website that is looking to expand their revenue and online presence, utilising Bing Ads (now known as Microsoft Ads) is an amazing strategy. Because it is an under-utilised method of advertising, where you can find competition is less and the ROI is higher.

If you want to get the most out of your search engine marketing strategies, then Bing Ads are essential. However, it can be tough to get the best results out of Bing Ads when you don't work with a trained professional that knows how to increase ROI and decrease spend.

Working with a Bing Ads Management Agency can multiply your revenue and online presence. Knowing a bit about Bing Ads will help greatly with your efforts to use Bing Ads effectively.

Difference Between Bing Ads & Google Ads

There are a few key differences between Bing Ads and Google Ads. The most notable difference is the overall size of the networks.

Google Ads has a larger network by a large margin. This is because Google is the dominant search engine, with around 65-70% of searches being done on Google.com. In contrast, Bing and the Microsoft search network only has around 10-15% of searches.

This may make it seem like Google Ads campaigns are the way to go, but there are actually some advantages that Bing Ads have over Google Ads.

The first advantage is that there is less competition on Bing. Because there are fewer advertisers on the network, it's easier to get your ads in front of searchers. This also means that you can get cheaper clicks, as there are simply fewer advertisers bidding on the same keywords.

The second advantage is that Bing Ads target a different demographic than Google Ads. Because Bing is the default search engine for Microsoft products like Windows and Office, it's used more by people that are older and have higher incomes. This can be beneficial depending on what your product or service is.

Higher Revenue

Benefits of Bing and Microsoft Advertising

Many people have existing Google Ads campaigns, and Bing Ads is less popular as a result. However, there are plenty of benefits that can come along with Bing Ads. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you divert some marketing spend to Bing Ads.

Cheaper Bids

When you decide to use Bing ads, you'll be able to enjoy cheaper bids than you would on other platforms. Because the platform is less popular, there are less advertisers competing for space, which means that you'll be able to get your ads in front of more people for a lower price. Not only will this save you money in the short-term, but it will also help you to generate more leads and sales in the long-term.

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to reach more customers and grow your business, then Bing Ads is the perfect solution. With cheaper bids and better targeting options, Bing ads can help you to achieve your marketing goals quickly and easily.

Advanced Targeting & Bing Ads Audit

When it comes to advanced targeting on the Bing Ads platform, there are a few things that you need to know. The first is that you can target people based on their interests. This means that you can target people who have shown an interest in a certain topic or product. You can also target people based on their demographics. This includes things like age, gender, and location.

Additionally, you can target people based on their purchase history. This means that you can target people who have recently purchased a product or service similar to what you offer. Finally, you can target people based on their website behaviour. This includes things like the websites they have visited and the keywords they have searched for.

Reach New Audiences with Bing Ads Account

The audience using Bing Ads is a different group of people than those that are using Google ads. This is because the Bing network is smaller, and it's used by a different demographic. Because of this, you can reach new audiences that you wouldn't be able to reach with Google Ads. This can help you to expand your business and reach new customers. An example of this is Bing Shopping Ads. This is a clear advantage of the Bing ads platform.

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Benefits of Working with an Bing Ads Agency

If you have decided that you want to get started with Bing Ads, the next step is to work with a professional agency that can manage and launch your Bing Ads. If you run Google Ads, we recommend that you get the same agency to manage both so they can apply learnings across the accounts.

Organised Strategy

When you work with an agency, you'll be able to get an organised strategy for your Bing Ads. This is because the agency will have a team of experienced professionals that know how to create and manage successful Bing Ads campaigns. Without a well-organised strategy, it's easy to waste money on the wrong keywords and miss out on potential customers.

Better Targeting & Negative Keywords

As we mentioned before, one of the benefits of Bing Ads is the ability to target your audience more effectively with informed data from your search engine optimisation campaign. When you work with an agency, they'll be able to help you to target your ad groups to the right people. This will ensure that you're not wasting money on ads that no one will see.

Bing ads Agency

More Spend Optimisation

Another benefit of working with an agency is that you'll be able to get more spend optimisation for your Bing Ads account. This means that the agency will help you to save money by optimising your ad spend. They'll be able to do this by testing different ad copy and keywords to see what works best. This Bing Ads account audit process, when performed by a professional Bing Ads service, can ensure that your Microsoft Ads outperform your Google ads account and your ad extensions are always well-optimised.

Ongoing Maintenance

When you work with a Bing Ads agency, you'll also be able to get ongoing maintenance for your Bing Ads. This means that the agency will help you to keep your campaigns running smoothly. They'll be able to make changes and adjust your campaigns as needed. This is a valuable service that can save you a lot of time and money.

Improved Performance

Finally, when you work with an Bing Ads agency, you can expect to see improved performance for your Bing ads. The agency will be able to help you to create and manage successful campaigns. This will lead to more leads and sales for your business.

Let's Recap

Working with an agency is the best way to get started with Bing ads. An agency will be able to provide you with an organised strategy, better targeting, more spend optimisation, and improved performance. These are all important factors that will help you to succeed with your Bing ads campaigns.

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