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The Importance of Digital Marketing NZ.

The Importance of Digital Marketing in NZ.

With over a billion websites online, understanding how to make your business stand out or draw visitors to your website can be a minefield for novices. It took a pandemic to persuade New Zealand companies to develop their online business models, and now an established part of the New Zealand economy and is here to stay.

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing activities online, which includes creating a good website design and being able to execute campaigns well online is crucial to business growth for years to come.

In this guide, we want to cut through the industry jargon and boil it down to how you can get the best out of digital marketing to support your business to grow online.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, or online marketing, refers to all marketing activities that occur on the internet. There is a complex matrix of different channels and touch points with your ideal customers, so choosing the right way to market and reach those people often depends on what your business sells, who your audience and what your budget is.

Why is digital marketing important?

Crafting a good digital marketing strategy and choosing the right channels to market for the right budget takes a bit of expertise. With some proven industry experience, digital marketing will help grow your business online. Digital marketing services are now the most popular way to get your product seen by your audience.

Reach a wider audience

Digital marketing is important for reaching your wider audience.

Digital marketing allows you to reach a larger audience than traditional methods. For advertising, reaching new prospects has dramatically altered towards online platforms. New Zealand television viewership has seen a 50% drop in the core consumer group of 18-54 in the last decade 2, and Google says now 6 out of 10 people prefer watching videos online compared to TV 3.

Target a better customer more efficiently

Target the right audiance more cost-effectively.

With performance-based advertising, like Google Ads, you can create custom audiences and target key customer personas more likely to buy your product or service. With the aid of analytical software like Google Analytics, you can effectively measure the success of your digital marketing and adjust spending to be more cost-effective than TV and billboard advertising.

Why is an online presence critical for New Zealand business?

In New Zealand, popular digital channels include social media marketing, email, search engine paid advertising like Google Ads (formally known as Google AdWords), organic search, and so on. These days, wherever there is an online reader, there is a way to get your message to your potential customer.

To increase sales through eCommerce

For eCommerce alone, 61% of New Zealand residents now shop online. Based on a NZ Post report New Zealanders spent $7.67 billion on the internet in 2021 4. That is an increase of 52% in online shopping compared to 2019.

More customers buy online in New Zealand than ever before.

The pandemic kick-started the trend, as now it is a norm, and it's estimated that around 83% of New Zealander citizens will shop online by 2026. Kiwi shoppers may represent a mere drop in the bucket compared to the global retail e-commerce market of over 7.3 trillion dollars. But it is a critical component of our economy and has been a lifeline for business during the lockdowns.

An indication that New Zealand has a long way to go to increase growth online was from a recent survey of 4252 businesses across APAC. Only 40% of small businesses in New Zealand earn 10% or more of their revenue online, well below average for the other nations 1.

New Zealand business revenue gained from online sales is below average compared to 11 APAC countries

For B2B and services

It's not just generating revenue online; a business's digital identity is key to its credibility in New Zealand. Studies have shown that 70-80% of people visit a company's website before connecting with the company. Your website is your biggest platform to showcase your services and values to impress new clients and is essential for your digital marketing Auckland company to get right.

Ergo, making it professional and representing your business will help boost trust and increase leads and conversion. According to web credibility research from Stanford, for B2B organisations or service companies like builders, plumbing, etc., 75% of visitors admit to judging a company's credibility based on their website5.

What is the scale of the issue for New Zealand companies?

Only 30% of New Zealand organisations said their revenue grew in 2021, almost 50% lower than in 2018 1. Most disappointingly for our economy, that was the second-lowest rate of all 11 Asia-Pacific countries taking part in the study. Key insights for why our country lagged behind others are the poor adoption of technology to improve productivity and the slow adoption of online sales as a channel.

In a recent CPA Australia Survey of small business found only 30% of New Zealand Small Businesses reported growth in 2021, compared to over 57% in 2018.

In New Zealand, we know all our best consumer groups are now spending more time online. However, New Zealand's business is critically behind its Asian and Pacific neighbours in embracing this opportunity.

Making better business growth in the digital world starts here.

In this guide, we'll help you to understand the key pillars of digital marketing, enabling you to build your digital strategy to optimise advertising through online channels such as search engines, your websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.

Start by prioritising a digital marketing strategy.

Whether you do it yourself or employ a digital marketing  agency, your marketing strategy is the most important place to start. It is a building block of your business.

A strong digital strategy is crucial for a successful business. Companies that thrive online allocate substantial resources and hire industry experts to develop a digital strategy to reach the right customers.

Prioritise a digital marketing strategy to increase sales and leads online.

How do I create a digital marketing strategy that will work for my business?

It's not a one size fits all answer with digital strategy. It can be driven by country, budget, or season. If you have a new product or service or want to revitalise your current offering, the best advice is to talk to a professional.

How do I create a digital marketing strategy that will work for my business?

That doesn't mean you can't run the marketing campaigns yourself. It simply means getting expert advice before spending a couple thousand dollars testing each online channel. An excellent digital marketing agency will use its experience within your industry to create a plan within your budget to help support your business's growth online.

And what do you gain when you work with the right digital agency? Fresh ideas, substantiated successful digital marketing concepts, and the support of experienced marketers with touch points across different competitors or industries to help you build stronger lead and sales campaigns.

What do digital marketing strategies look like?

It largely depends on where you are in the journey to market. From a higher level, it is a process of identifying marketing goals and evaluating digital marketing tactics and the market around you to detail a plan that will align with your business's strategic goals.

What do digital marketing strategies look like?

It's often more valuable for outside experts to collaborate with you on your digital strategy as digital marketing agencies' industry experience has a wealth of competitor knowledge, tried and tested digital strategy, and can tailor-make their advice based on the age of your company and where you are in your growth.

To help explain this, we have broken down the digital marketing strategies you would be looking for into two business types: Startups and established businesses.

If you are a startup or a person with a promising idea.

Startups or individuals with a promising idea can benefit from the expert help of digital marketing.

If you are a startup or at the beginning of your journey, a digital marketing agency can help you develop a go-to-market strategy. For New Zealand startups wanting to crack the global market, this is especially important as we are little fish in a big ocean.

This covers:

  • Product-market fit:

Does your product provide a solution for a customer's problem, and would they pay for it?

  • Competitor research:

In-depth competitor of onshore and offshore competitors - what is the demand for the type of product, or is the market oversaturated?

  • Marketing and sales channels strategy:

What marketing and sales channels you can launch your product or service, and how you will get the most bang for your buck.

  • Marketing sentiment analysis:

Building your core customer personas, who are experiencing the problem your product solves? What they do, what brand messaging will resonate with them, and what they will look for when you engage with them. What are their pain points that you can make better?

If you are an established business looking for better growth.

Even if you are an established business with an entrenched sales strategy, it's recommended to carry out biannual reviews by Digital Marketing or SEO Auckland experts to help refresh and reframe your strategy to ensure its relevance for the current market and gain better leverage over the industry's top-performing channels and technology.

This would include:

  • Competitor research:

In-depth competitor of onshore and offshore competitors - what are others doing better and look to international leaders for their tactical approach

  • Marketing and sales channels analysis:

Conduct an audit on how your current marketing and sales channels are performing, recommendations on how they can be improved, whether your website's and advertising's conversion is as strong as they could be, and whether there are stronger lead generation or sales strategies employed to boost growth.

  • Marketing sentiment analysis:

Are you targeting the right customer personas within your advertising or on your website who are experiencing the problem that your product solves? Does your brand messaging engage them, and what ways of improving them.

The next step: website and content marketing.

Your website is a must-have tool to get right. It needs to function well on desktop and, most importantly, mobile as that is the source of most site traffic.

Good web design, digital designs and high-quality, engaging content are essential to prioritise because they represent your brand identity, answer your audience's questions, build trust, and form relationships with them, leading to improved conversion and generating new leads.

How do I drive traffic to my website?

Anyone can have a great website and web design. However, if people are unaware you exist, how do they know how to visit your site? Much like a traditional brick-and-mortar, you don't have sales if you're an eCommerce store with no visitors.

How do I drive traffic to my website?

Website content can be linked successfully by marketing in the form of blogs, emails, and videos through websites' content management systems (CMS) that can reach out to your customer base from external platforms like Facebook and Youtube or established, high-authority domains that might help reference your business to a wider audience.

You need to stand out to impact this vast digital world. You must get the right message to the right person on the right digital platforms.

What type of digital marketing channel strategies can I use?

A Digital Marketing Manager or Sales and Marketing Manager will utilise key channels and platforms to boost brand awareness and site traffic, generate growth, and rank well using search engine optimisation. With a data analytics platform like Google Analytics, these channels can be optimised to support your business's sales strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation

What type of digital marketing channel strategies can I use?

SEO goes hand-in-hand with content marketing campaigns. A production line of high-quality content enriched with the well-chosen search term keywords ensures a search engine like Google can scan your website as if it was a user and start ranking you as an authority in your industry.

Your web design is also critical to ensure high levels of search engine optimisation (SEO), so you will need websites that are also optimised for speed and ease of access. However, it's not just content and websites that will help you rank well on Google.

What does SEO mean?

Google constantly changes its algorithm, so it's not always about ensuring you know exactly what it looks for. However, the key elements of SEO you need to optimise for are:

  • Regularly updated content is a key indicator that the site is still relevant. Blogging and company news are good ways to do this as they also help your site rank for your key search teams.
  • Quality links building. Your domain authority for your industry is key to ranking highly on Google for your particular keywords. The more authority you have for your domain, the more visits you get. Linking to high authority sites can boost your impressions and traffic quickly.
  • Well-written meta data for each page you create, creating clickable titles and descriptions is like writing a free ad for your business as you try to increase your ranking on a search engine by increasing the click-through on your

Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing on social platforms can be split into two types organic and paid. The industry you are in will depend on how you choose to prioritise these forms. New Zealand digital agencies will be able to give you some advice on the trends and pay off for investing in this media

Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing is a strategy, especially easy for New Zealand businesses to nurture that can connect you to prospects for free or at least with the aid of competition or two. Users share your content and follow your page or profile on social platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok or Instagram, which are most popular in New Zealand. You then build an audience interested in your product or service, which you can directly market for free.

Paid social media marketing runs much like Google Ads. You big in an auction to win ad placement in front of your target audience. The more competition for that audience, the more money on advertising you pay. You can target an audience that is most likely to buy to sign up for a lead form

A company can use both forms of social media marketing to spread brand awareness to a wider audience.

The CPA Australia survey reports that higher growth business in the 11 Asia and Pacific countries surveyed were more likely to use social media for marketing and communication purposes 1.

New Zealand businesses are less likely to use social media as a way of communicating with their customers however when comparing positive growth to skrinkage this can be detrimenal to a businesses growth

Search Engine Marketing

As our audience retreats to the conform of their mobile phone for entertainment, we see advertisers chasing that dollar. Digital advertising now represents 50% of all dollars spent in the New Zealand market 6. Search Engine Marketing is advertising on the likes of Google to promote your company.

Total Advertising Spend in New Zealand for 2021 saw digital advertising spend was 50% overall other media types.

The advertising strategy is a combination of SEO and paid social media where you are bidding in an auction for search terms or keywords related to your industry to attempt to rate higher than your competition on the first page.

Retargeting strategy

We all grumble when we are retargeted online by myriad advertisements selling us products we have been looking for. Still, those products or services could be the key to a life-changing experience or a long love affair with a good quality brand. Digital marketing, when done well, connect the right brand to the right person.

Retargeting using either search engine or social media marketing allows companies better return on investment as they target visitors who have previously viewed an ad, watched a video or visited a website.

Digital marketing analytics

Digital marketing analytics.

Google Analytics or similar digital technologies gives insights to businesses like never before. Analysing trends and understanding how people react to your advertising and what channels drive more traffic and higher conversion are all at your fingertips to make data-driven decisions. It can get as granular as what headline makes people scroll further down a page or open an email.

Seeing customer experience flowing through your website or reacting to your ads allows for quicker growth and faster testing of ideas. The tricky part is ensuring it's all set up correctly so your numbers are accurate. If you don't do anything else, ensure you hire a professional to set you up for success.

What services does a digital marketing agency provide?

In New Zealand, an agency's digital marketing service and strategies can be vastly different depending on their internal skill sets or industry. Agencies that support a holistic approach by providing an all-in-one agency ensure that all forms of digital marketing are supported rather than playing one off another, which is not cost-efficient. Generally, the below list are services they provide.

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Branding
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Website Design and Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Outreach
  • Re-Targeting
  • Content Generation and Optimisation
  • Quality Link Building
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Integrated Online Marketing Strategies

Why hire a digital marketing agency over running it yourself?

A team that runs a digital company effectively has the marketing skills to be a Web Designer, a Graphic Designer, a Developer, a Google Adwords specialist, an SEO specialist, a Content Writer, an Email Specialist, and a Google Analytics specialist. For example, while website design Auckland company specialises in website design and often development, it doesn't necessarily specialise in marketing as well. Whereas, a digital marketing agency does it all.

Cost savings

If you are looking at cost savings, one thing you need to ask yourself is, can your business wait to grow whilst you learn the marketing skills and find the time to manage it? Internal teams may cost between $250,000 and half a million each year. There is a risk that they are not the most experienced and skilled to grow your business compared to expert advice and implementation from an agency. High-growth companies detailed in the CPA survey were more likely to seek professional help compared to the 23% of all businesses that did not grow and did not seek advice.

Cost savings

Experience and skill set

A digital agency has practical experience with multiple clients and industries and a wider resource pool to call on. For example, an Inhouse Marketing Manager or Business Owner can rely on a single point from an Account Manager for their digital marketing services instead of managing a team.

Risk management

Digital companies provide a higher skill set but are also expendable if they do not provide the right results. Pre-qualification is always advised on their achievements before you start a relationship. However, in the end, it does not have to be a long-term commitment or an HR issue when they have come to the end of their use.

How to find a reliable digital marketing agency.

  • Start with talking to people you know who have worked with agencies before. They may be able to refer you to someone they trust.
  • Look for reviews and testimonials from clients that will let you know whether they valued the service they received.
  • Search the top-ranking organic searches. These agencies will know their stuff about ranking high on Google.
  • Look at their work, see if the websites and advertising align with the quality you want to achieve, and ask for results. It is key to identifying what difference their industry experts delivered to their customers. If they can't quantify those, look for someone who can.


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