Email Marketing.

Send the right email, to the right person.

Increasing open rates, click through rates and email attributed revenue.

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Increase the connection to your most engaged audience.

Your company’s email audience is your most valuable audience. We can help optimise your email marketing to drive better outcomes.

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Use segmentation to talk to the right person.

Generic emails can result in low open rates, and fewer conversions. Without effective segmentation you can be missing out delivering targeted messaging that drive engagement.

We help you personalise your campaigns, identifying key segments based on behaviour, preferences, and demographics. We help you increase engagement and drive conversions.

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Increase open and click-through rates.

Low open and click-through rates means you have some work to do. Without effective email content you miss out on valuable traffic and conversions.

We help you improve your email success rate.  We can help write compelling subject lines, copy and attractive email design providing higher engagement and more conversions.

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Measure ROI on the emails you send.

Without tracking the right metrics, you can’t quantify your results. Low engagement rates could be holding you back but without the right data you won’t know where to start.

By helping you set up accurate tracking and reporting, we provide you with the data analysis informing an optimisation strategy for sustainable improvements in ROI.

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The fastest way to manage, optimise and scale your email marketing.

We can help provide you with a reliable stream of highly qualified subscribers and provide your business with a ROI that can be unmatched by other channels.

Increase engagement rates with a proven framework.

We collaborate with you to craft subject lines that pique the interest of your subscribers, create copy that resonates with their needs, and design visually appealing emails that capture their attention.

By leveraging our expertise in email marketing, you can increase your engagement rates and achieve more conversions.

Maximise email ROI with data-driven insights.

We can help you maximise the ROI of your email marketing campaigns with insights and recommendations sourced from accurate tracking and analysis.

Our team will help you identify the key metrics to track, set up reliable tracking, and conduct rigorous data analysis to inform your optimisation strategy.

With our data-driven recommendations you can achieve meaningful and sustainable improvements in your email marketing campaigns' ROI.

We can do good things together, if….

If any of these resonate with you, working with us is going to make your marketing more effective and easier to scale.

You have a list you email regularly

And want to measure and increase your penetration.

Your list data can be a valuable source of insights for both your marketing and the overall business.

We help organise, and structure the data in your email list. Helping  you create performance reports that help you grow your business.

"Do Good Things came in and recalibrated our HubSpot marketing reporting and rebuilt all our paid media campaigns for high intent traffic. We've seen a 70% increase in qualified leads and a decrease of our CPA by 56%."
Richard from Loaded

Richard McLeod


"After working with a few digital marketing agencies, one of the key aspects which stood out with DGT was their "hands on" approach to managing not only our digital assets, but our expectations. The conversions were free flowing and easy to understand. The team, led by Ryan, were able to recommend excellent ideas and deliver on them"
Daniel from MPI

Daniel Thomson

Director - Client Services

You want to build your email list

Because you have never tried it before.

We save you the time of learning from scratch and can help provide you with winning strategies to increase your audience.

We help you build a customised structure creates meaningful segmentation to deliver results that align with your marketing goals.

You spend money on customer acquisition

and you want email marketing to help them retain them.

Where ever your customers are in their buying journey we can help build email marketing that supports their movement through the sales funnel.

Email is the perfect way of nurturing your customers towards your business goals.

"Do Good Things have delivered many projects for us, within budget, on time and with complete ownership. The team have driven 850% organic traffic increase over 6 months with ranking continuing to climb."
Abi from River Watch

Abi Croutear-Foy

Chief Growth Officer

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