A goal without a marketing strategy is just a wish.

Whether you are launching into unknown territories or want to revitalise your brand or product, we can help you build brand and marketing strategies to reach your goals. Our personalised approach will help you attract and convert.

RiverWatch Brand and Marketing Strategy

Our holistic approach to digital marketing.

Marketing Strategy

Aligning to your business goals, we build online marketing strategies to reach the right customers. We provide a game plan on where to find them, how to convert them and how to stay ahead of your competitors. Your marketing strategy is a roadmap for your entire business.

Content Strategy

Behind the best marketing is a solid content strategy. It should cement your business’ marketing direction, brand messaging, and performance marketing efforts into a streamlined process. We syndicate your content across platforms to work smarter, not harder, to share your voice. 

Performance Marketing Strategy 

We focus on a holistic approach to deliver cost-effective results and scale your growth. Our performance marketing strategy combines paid advertising with SEO to reduce the cost per acquisition on your most valuable keywords.

Go to Marketing Strategy 

Your marketing strategy changes with your business. We can help you craft a go-to market strategy that will help you ascertain your best approach for product offering, your target market, and how you can reach them cost-efficiently.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is an open door for people to discover your brand. With high competition, you must deliver well-crafted content and visuals to engage your customer. We can help design and write high-converting content. 

Analytics & Tracking Strategy

Data-driven decisions for your business and crucial for success. We help build customised dashboards, set up google analytics, and ensure all the tracking endpoints on your website are accurate and feed back the correct data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deliver your brand and marketing research audit?
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After our initial meeting with you to understand what you want to achieve, we will create a draft proposal. The draft will include your requirements, our observations, and the recommended actions to take. From there, we’ll take your feedback, enabling us to craft the final audit.

After refinement, we’ll present the final document for your sign-off as a comprehensive presentation. This presentation will typically include our competitor research, search console audit, Google analytics audit, SEO analysis, and your current keyword rankings. We will finalise our recommendations for you going forward.

We’ve already had a marketing audit before. What is the value of getting another one?
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Typically, we recommend that an audit be undertaken once every two years. This way, you can ensure that your current marketing alignment is relevant and up to date with current marketing trends.  

Can you help implement the findings from the audit?
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Absolutely. After discussions and getting to know your business better, we can recommend where you will have the most impact. If you’re happy with any of our ideas, we can then discuss working on developing them further into your brand strategy.

We don’t want to change our logo but would like to refine our brand?
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Easy, having a great logo is a strong starting point for a collaboration. We’ll incorporate your logo and build it into a refined brand strategy. We can help you develop your customer personas, tone of voice, and content plans, all true to your brand's vision.

We have a logo and marketing material we like and don't want to change too much. Can you still help with the marketing strategy?
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Yes absolutely. Your logo and other existing marketing materials are a great place to start when working together on your marketing strategy. We can hear your tone of voice, understand your competitive advantage and help develop a pathway to build your brand.

We had a marketing strategy done last year. Why do I need another?
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These days digital marketing strategies change quickly. To keep head of the curve and your competitors, you must review what is and isn’t working and update your marketing strategy. A yearly revamp of your marketing strategy will ensure smooth implementation over a 12-month cycle. 

We have a lot of marketing data. Can you use this?
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Yes, historical data will always help define issues and opportunities. If you want to improve your conversion, we can track where you have more opportunities to grow, where you are losing your customers, or even if you are attracting the right type of customers. 

Can you help us implement any of the areas of the digital strategy?
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Yes! We can help implement processes such as SEO keyword research to find out what your customer base is searching for.

What makes Do Good Things the right choice for shaping your business’s marketing strategy?

Logical and executable
We will not bog you down with a complex strategy and exhausting plan of execution. We ensure our strategies are digestible, commercial, and focused on your end goals.

Powerful listeners
We are forward-thinking creatives who listen. We absorb the complexities of your business and industry and interpret commercially sound solutions and on-brand.

Positive growth starts by working collaboratively with expert partners.

Our partnership with you will make your connection to your customer a valuable experience. From crafting a unique digital identity for you to designing and implementing marketing strategies that will see sustainable, measurable growth.