Maximise growth with performance marketing.

We build personalised digital marketing campaigns that drive performance in your business.

Malcolm Pacific Immigration Performance Marketing

Our holistic approach to digital marketing.


Our SEO framework includes both on-page and off-page intent. We carefully structure your site around clusters of high-intent keywords and quality content to ensure your site has enough context and authority to rank for high-performing keywords.

Pay Per Click Advertising

We aim to return you the most successful ROAS for your campaigns. Our combined 20 years of digital marketing expertise with search engine platforms, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, built with precision and optimised for digital growth.

Display & Remarketing

Once you have a “warm” audience, don’t let them forget you. We keep your brand front of mind and implement display and remarketing campaigns that deliver tangible results. We help find new customers who have shown an interest in services like yours.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Whether your goals are leads, conversions or brand awareness, we can boost your online presence and build you the right traffic. Whether it's Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, our content creators and media buyers create campaigns that work.

Creative Design & Copywriting

Our team will create online advertising content in written and visual formats to ensure our campaigns are on brand, catch your customers' attention and have a clear call to action to encourage them to convert. We translate your vision into meaningful stories.

& SEO Audits

A clear strategy starts with knowing where you came from. If your account is not getting the results you hoped, or your ranking is below par, we can start with a full audit. Our recommendations and proven strategies will help guide you on a clear path.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we own the search ad marketing accounts?
Open FAQ

Yes, you certainly do. We do the mahi on the ad accounts and all advertisement work but grant you all permissions to the accounts, so you have ownership.

How do you select what keywords to target?
Open FAQ

Keyword research is a big part of our process when building your new ad account. We look at competitors, understand your market and recommend a list to bid on and ones to develop an SEO strategy. We will supply you with a complete list for approval before we execute the plan. This ensures no surprises and that we run an effective performance marketing campaign for you.

I already have an account. Can you work on it?
Open FAQ

Yes, for sure. If you have any accounts already up and running, we’ll be able to easily work directly in those accounts if you would like us to. We like to do a full audit before we start to ensure we know exactly what you want to target and that your ads and keywords are still relevant.

How do you price your search marketing management?
Open FAQ

We’re a digital marketing agency that keeps our pricing simple. Our retainers priced based on the value we deliver. No hidden fees or “overage hours” for things you weren’t expecting.

What does your optimisation schedule look like?
Open FAQ

Ahah! We wouldn’t want to give away all the secrets we’ve spent such a long time pioneering. But we’re happy to discuss our process with you on a video call if you’re interested. 

What size budgets do you usually manage?
Open FAQ

We work with various businesses, and depending on the industry, our ad spend can range from $3000 per month to upwards of $70k per month. 

How do you report on your performance?
Open FAQ

During our onboarding process, we map out the important KPIs to your business and provide input on any KPIs we should track. We’ll then create a dashboard that will give you the stats weekly. 

Can you design our display and remarketing ads for us?
Open FAQ

For sure! Our in-house creative team can write copy and design ads for your business with the desired platforms. 

We already have display and remarketing ads. Can you use them?
Open FAQ

We sure can, as long as their dimensions match the platform’s requirements. But from our experience, if the ads are over three months old, they may need a refresh to keep them relevant.

How attributable are social media advertising platforms?
Open FAQ

Facebook attribution has changed. Although it has decreased, we can get good pixel match rates when the right setup and data endpoints are passed.

From our experience, there is always a benefit in using one or more platforms as a gateway into your brand. Brand awareness and retargeting campaigns create exposure, cleverly crafted ads can entertain and engage, whilst lead generation to qualified leads can be the primary growth channel for your business. The best advice is you don’t know until you test it. 

What makes Do Good Things the right choice for performance marketing?

Holistic approach 
We believe that the synergy is an important one to get right. Our approach is to craft a performance strategy where organic and paid media compliments each other to gain a higher return on investment.

Transparent insight and reporting 
Data-driven business decisions are the glue that binds your business and elevates its growth. We provide clear insights into your marketing performance and recommendations to take it to the next level. 

Get started on the next level of performance for your company. 

Our partnership with you will make your connection to your customer a valuable experience. From crafting a unique digital identity for you to designing and implementing marketing strategies that will see sustainable, measurable growth.