Based on persona research



Qualified leads in 8 weeks



Increase in organic traffic

RiverWatch is an environmental company that provides a next-generation real-time water quality monitoring solution for New Zealand. As the country’s waterways have continued to deteriorate in quality, RiverWatch brings much-needed improvements to water monitoring technology.

The Challenge

RiverWatch’s existing website did not align with the innovative nature of their brand and the unique offering they had in the market. Across the site, design elements and branding were inconsistent. 

Without a marketing strategy, RiverWatch struggled to reach the market. They had a limited online presence and weren’t using social media and other platforms to generate leads for their SaaS business.

Our Solution

We refined their branding and created product renders that aligned. More importantly, we designed and developed a full-stack website that represented RiverWatch, their story, and how their offering was helping people solve the water quality monitoring crisis.

We implemented a full digital marketing plan by identifying their key personas and mapping out customer journeys. We used social media, content marketing and lead generation to increase brand awareness, leads, and revenue. 

The Results

  • 850% increase in organic traffic
  • 100 qualified leads within 8 weeks of launching
  • Branding based on persona research
RiverWatch website on Mobile Phone showing the Waka water monitor made by Do Good Things

RiverWatch | Full-Stack Web Build | Marketing Strategy - Do Good Things
Product Renders and Web Design for RiverWatch with Do Good Things

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