We design web apps for businesses and customers.

Carving out the right digital identity can be a minefield. Projecting your business values and proposition to the world needs careful consideration in the design and execution. We see it repeatedly. Not just anyone can design you a web app.

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Our holistic approach to design.

User Stories

We build detailed, value-based user stories to become the building blocks of web app design. Voicing your end-users requirements ensures relevant features and functionality are prioritised, keeping user acceptance at the centre of the conversation.

User Journeys

We design user journeys that optimise your desired result without compromising the user experience. This key design tool allows us to streamline the customer experience and ensures the high fidelity of our design to your end result.

User Research

We study your key user journeys and assess their needs and pain points. Through journey mapping and user testing, we ascertain how users interact with the web app and how it can be better optimised. We analyse and design for your web app end-users.

User Experience Design

Our educated design approach combines evidence-based user journeys and the latest best-practice to provide the user with clear pathways to achieve your end goal. We ensure the journey is smooth and enjoyable.

User Interface Design

UI design is a powerful tool to generate users and retain your customer base if executed correctly. Good UI should be intuitive and attractive, delivering the users' needs and leaving a lasting impression of your brand

High Fidelity Wireframe

We create high-fidelity wireframe designs before development to ensure clear communication and visualisation feedback loop of the end result and where improvements can be made. We design to build prototypes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What prototyping tools do you use?
Open FAQ

We use a mixture of Figma and other UX sorting tools. It's quick, easy to use, and lets you get a great feel of your website or app's appearance before the build.

What does your feedback process look like?
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After our initial design meeting, we will design a mock-up of your key page templates following your guidelines. We will provide you with the initial draft within a two-week time frame, where we will discuss further iterations.

How much input and time do we need to invest?
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We understand time can be a constraint. However, for a successful outcome, your time and input are vital. Our service depends on how much time you will need to invest. Our initial first few weeks are key to nailing a successful brief and prototype. We request at least two work-in-progress meetings with you to help make design and content decisions. We recommend you designate one team member to be the product owner and a chief tester to ensure the product is fit for purpose and communication is streamlined.

What makes Do Good Things the right choice for designing your digital products?

We don’t just design to brief. We want your web app to be a vehicle to drive results and transform your business. We combine our expert knowledge with your goals to create a conversion tool to empower your business and customers.

A lasting impression 
We ensure our communication and design work leave an excellent lasting impression on our clients with no chaos in sight. Our clean line approach prioritises achievable milestones, user experience, and fast delivery to our customers.

Enable your customers and empower your business.

Our partnership with you will make your connection to your customer a valuable experience. From crafting a unique digital identity for you to designing and implementing marketing strategies that will see sustainable, measurable growth.