We develop websites and apps that solve problems.

Our developers will ensure your website and app functionality is smooth and intuitive. Our coding is clean, well documented and 100% version controlled.

Smokai Website Development using Shopify

Our holistic approach to web development.

Website Development

We develop websites that clients aren't afraid to use. Our ‘no code, low code, minimal footprint’ approach delivers fast, responsive sites that are future-proof and easy to manage. We work across all major CMS platforms, with experience in Shopify,  Craft CMS, Webflow, and more. 

No Code, Low Code

Website development and maintenance are substantially quicker, easier, and more streamlined processes. Building with ‘no-code/low code’ platforms, like Webflow, empowers developers and end-users by removing complexity and allowing a rapid response to future change. 

Web App Development

Our development team is experienced in building fast, modern and robust applications to suit your needs. We work across leading app development platforms. We find React and Firebase to be a cut above the rest, thanks to their speed, responsive framework, and user experience.

Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

We optimise your new website to create highly convertible journeys. Our holistic approach to web design ensures a responsive and thoughtful design for all devices. With a focus on conversion and usability, our design is aesthetic and functional. 

Support & Maintenance

We are not afraid to clean up someone else's mess, nor will we put a plaster on a gushing wound. Our development practice will ensure clean, well-documented coding with full support and regular maintenance to prioritise your app’s longevity. 

Analytics & Tracking 

Data-driven decisions for your business and crucial for success. We can help build customised dashboards, set up your google analytics, and ensure all the tracking endpoints on your website are accurate and feeding back the correct data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you strongly recommend Webflow for marketing websites?
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As one of our favourite web development and web design platforms, we can’t recommend Webflow enough. Webflow offers a quick and streamlined process for building a website. It not only makes it easier for us to create high-quality websites in a fraction of the time but also makes it very client-friendly. 

With Webflow, you can expect a substantially faster turnaround time on your website and receive initial designs quickly. Its live prototyping means you’ll get more than just a static mockup. It's a functioning, interactive prototype, so you’ll have a greater awareness of how it will work and confidence in how the project is going.

Check out our analysis on why we like using Webflow for web builds.

We already have a design. Can you build it in Webflow for us?
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Chances are, we can use the majority of the design as input. However, we tend to find some designs we’ve worked with have uneven spacing and sizing, so we need to at least spend the time standardising the design system to incorporate it into a Webflow build. Nevertheless, we’ll be able to bring your designs to life as a fully functional web build using our team of Webflow experts.

We’ve read that Webflow has its limitations. Do you know where its technical abilities are lacking?
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Yes, we do. As great as Webflow is, it still has some limitations, with some much-needed features not yet implemented and others needing improvement. 

One big limitation that is often requested is support for multilingual websites. Webflow has still not implemented the ability to create multilingual websites. This feature is essential for many businesses, and the main fix is third-party solutions. The best thing is to talk to us about your must-haves, and we can help guide you. 

We can recommend integrations into your websites to work around some of Webflow’s limitations by understanding what you need. We also keep up to date with all new features, so we will know if it's coming.

We have an existing Webflow site that needs to be cleaned up. Are you able to take over?
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We can, but first, we’ll need to run a code review before our team can start onboarding. 

We have a custom requirement that we think is tricky. How can you tell if it is achievable?
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During our discovery phase, we will uncover how tricky your custom requirement will be, and from there, we’ll know if it’s achievable. 

Do we own our code?
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Yes! The code we make for your project is yours indefinitely. 

I have other technology I want to be integrated. Can this be done?
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It can be done, but we’ll need to analyse this technology and determine if/how it can be integrated.

How do you handle privacy?
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We follow the strict guidance of Australian and New Zealand law when handing our customers data. Please refer to our privacy page for more information.

Do we have a single point of contact?
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Yes, you’ll have an account manager and a support help desk through which you can keep in contact.

What happens if something breaks?
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Thanks to our rigorous monitoring, chances are we’ll know before anything actually breaks. In the unlikely event that something is broken, our support team is well equipped and ready to facilitate repairs. 

How much does monthly hosting and maintenance cost?
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It will vary based on the solution. However, we do our best to keep our technology footprint to an absolute minimum to ensure costs and code are as optimised as possible. 

What makes Do Good Things the choice for developing your digital products?

Quality of construction
Our technical craftsmanship will guarantee your development project will stand the test of time. Our practice ensures clean construction and is pleasurable to use every time.

Responsive, hands-on management
Rest assured, we are only a phone call away. Our high standards for delivering quality and prioritising lasting collaboration over a quick buck mean that your products will be built by a professional.

Your web products are in safe hands with us.

Our partnership with you will make your connection to your customer a valuable experience. From crafting a unique digital identity for you to designing and implementing marketing strategies that will see sustainable, measurable growth.