Impactful web design that converts users to customers.

We create beautiful websites that delight users, convert them to customers and generate return on investment.

Mouthful Website Design with Figma and Built in Webflow

Our holistic approach to web design.

Digital Brand Guidelines

Your digital brand identity should clearly articulate your business values online, building trust and presenting your vision. We design digital brand guidelines and define design rules providing consistency across your digital platforms.

User Research

User research forms a crucial part of our ideation workshops with our partners. Informed design decisions centre on persona research and user journeys to successfully map out a website structure to maximise engagement and conversion optimisation.

Competitor Research

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. For us, it ensures we have a benchmark of what we can do better for you. We look further afield than your direct competitors and ensure your design decisions are informed based on leading global companies.


Our design team map out the UX and key structural and behaviour requirements before we start overlaying your brand imagery. We provide a digital, compositional wireframe to prove the relationship between the sections and pages.

User Interface Design

Our designers combine imagery, typography, and page layout needed to give your site a bespoke style and digital identity. With our attention to detail, we design highly engaging, easy-to-use platforms to showcase your product.

Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

We optimise your new website to create highly convertible journeys. Our holistic approach to web design ensures a responsive and thoughtful design for all devices. With a focus on conversion and usability, our design is aesthetic and functional.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a development team we will use. Will they be able to use the design?
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Certainly. After we have created a design, we can hand it over to your web development team if you need it. We can also hand over user stories and brief the development team. 

We have strict brand guidelines. Are you able to align the design with them?
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Absolutely. If required, we’ll take care to produce designs that will seamlessly fit within your business’s guidelines.

We already have a prototype we want you to refine?
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We can possibly work with it, but it will depend on how far through you are and if there are existing user stories to work off.

What prototyping tools do you use?
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We use a mixture of Figma and other UX sorting tools. Figma is quick, easy to use, and lets you get a great feel of your website or app's appearance before the build. When it comes to building the websites, we have a team of Webflow developers who turn the concept in to a live prototype.

What does your feedback process look like?
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After our initial design meeting, we will design a mock-up of your key page templates following your guidelines. We will provide you with the initial draft within a two-week time frame, where we will discuss further iterations. 

How much input and time do we need to invest?
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We understand time can be a constraint. However, for a successful outcome, your time and input are vital. Our service depends on how much time you will need to invest. Our initial first few weeks are key to nailing a successful brief and prototype. We request at least two work-in-progress meetings with you to help make design and content decisions. We recommend you designate one team member as the owner and a chief tester to ensure communication is streamlined and any issues are fixed.

What makes Do Good Things the choice for designing your digital identity?

We listen
Your pain points and problems are ours to solve. Your story and customer will become our own whilst we craft you a solution that is convertible and what you asked for.

Thoughtful execution
Our educated design process combines key market and competitive insights, highly engaging user experience, and interfacing to elevate your story.

Your website design is in good hands with us.

Our partnership with you will make your connection to your customer a valuable experience. From crafting a unique digital identity for you to designing and implementing marketing strategies that will see sustainable, measurable growth.