30 November, 2021

How To Align Your Marketing To Your Digital Touchpoints

Merging the online and offline customer experience to grow brand and customer relationships through marketing and digital touchpoints have become a major focus for modern-day companies.

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19 August, 2021

The 4 Pillars of Our Software Development Cycle

When we are developing apps or websites, we follow a devOps process that allows us to develop and test our code effectively, then deploy to a production environment and monitor uptime.

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27 July, 2021

Why React Native Is a Game Changer for Mobile App Development

As the world of mobile apps expands beyond comprehension, demand for faster and better apps rises, which is where React Native comes in.

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25 July, 2021

React Native vs. Flutter: A Comparison

Cross-platform solutions are gaining popularity, with React Native and Flutter being the two leading market players. But what’s the difference between these two platforms?

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20 July, 2021

Craft CMS and eCommerce: Using the Commerce Plugin

Since Craft Commerce’s initial release, the plugin has had a steady development and user growth. Combing eCommerce and CMS, Craft Commerce delivers results.

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18 July, 2021

The Future of eCommerce: Shopify Online Store 2.0

Is Shopify Online Store 2.0 the future of eCommerce? The new, upgraded platform brings excellent benefits for merchants and Shopify developers, with customisation at the forefront.

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15 July, 2021

What Shopify Online Store 2.0 Means for Developers

The Shopify Online Store 2.0 is an investment in performance and tools for developers. The new, improved environment for Shopify developers puts customisation at the forefront.

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11 July, 2021

The Benefits of Shopify Online Store 2.0 for Merchants

Shopify's Online Store 2.0 announcement means a new, improved flexible environment with excellent benefits for Shopify developers and merchants.

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07 July, 2021

Shopify Announces New Online Store 2.0

Shopify's Online Store 2.0 announcement means a new, improved flexible environment for Shopify developers and merchants, with customisation at the forefront.

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06 July, 2021

3 Craft CMS Plugins We Use in Our Web Developments

When it comes to web development, there are various plugins available. Among the many plugins, we use a few specific ones in our web developments to extend functionality.

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04 July, 2021

How Social Media Can Help Your SEO

You can’t ignore social media, and you certainly can’t ignore SEO for your business. But is there a link between social media and SEO?

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29 June, 2021

Why We Use Craft CMS for Web Development

Choosing a Craft CMS partner means working with a team of developers that deliver responsive web design and development.

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27 June, 2021

How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment in Your Shopify Store

eCommerce websites have a unique problem that retailers don’t face – shopping cart abandonment. If you’re not focusing on reducing your Shopify store’s abandoned shopping cart rate, you’re leaving money on the table.

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23 June, 2021

The Shopify Store Launch Checklist

Instead of running around aimlessly, take an organised approach to your Shopify store launch. Here’s what you need to know and do before launching your eCommerce Shopify store.

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21 June, 2021

Craft CMS vs. Wordpress: A Comparison

Just because something is popular doesn’t mean that there’s not anything better available. Wordpress may be the most popular CMS platform, but Craft CMS is making its way up the rankings for its innovative approach to web content management.

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16 June, 2021

How to Calculate ROAS for a Google Ad Campaign

ROAS is an important quality metric in Google Ad campaigns and social media management – It's a marketing metric for measuring the revenue earned from each dollar spent on advertising.

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14 June, 2021

Content Marketing: Why Is It Important for SEO?

Learning how to align your SEO and content teams can help your brand create content optimised for SEO, and in return, boost user engagement and achieve real results.

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09 June, 2021

The Benefits of Craft CMS: Using the Matrix Block to Cre­ate a ​Con­tent Builder

Craft is an off-the-shelf CMS for building custom websites. It is powerful, flexible and allows you to customise a website however you want.

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07 June, 2021

Optimising Your Shopify Store for SEO: How to Rank #1

Between convenience and necessity, the retail industry has shifted to the digital world – which the global pandemic played a predominant role in. With more competitors in the mix, your Shopify SEO strategy has a significant impact on your eCommerce business’s success.

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02 June, 2021

How We Optimised Wine Central’s Paid Media Strategy And Improved Their ROAS

Wine Central wanted a partner to identify the low hanging opportunities and help pivot them towards a successful paid media strategy. Through Google Ads and Facebook PPC, we helped optimise their strategy, triple their customer base and improve their ROAS, keeping it at a consistent rate of 1:24.

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30 May, 2021

Thinking Of Hiring An In House Digital Marketing Manager?

If you’re looking to grow your business, then digital marketing support is essential. Finding the best-fit candidate can be overwhelming, time-consuming and overall stressful. Here’s a list of pre-interview points to consider and three helpful questions to ask your candidates.

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27 May, 2021

Facebook’s 2021 Q1 Earnings And Increased Ad Prices

Facebook released its 2021 Q1 earnings; they outperformed the forecast and beat Wall Street’s expectations. The growth was attributed to a 12% increase in the number of Ads shown, with a massive 30% increase in average price per Ad. Is the cost of digital advertising continuing to rise?

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24 May, 2021

What Is Headless Commerce? And Should You Pursue It?

In the era of eCommerce, technology is changing, and new trends are emerging. With the latest development of the headless approach for eCommerce, here’s what it is and why you should pursue it.

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20 May, 2021

The Impact Of Page Speed On SEO

Speed has always been an important factor of a website. But now, Google has made it a ranking factor for SEO. With a set of developer tools, Google has taken action to help improve the loading speed of websites – one of the tools being PageSpeed Insights.

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17 May, 2021

Replacing Cookies With Content In A Cookieless World

2020 was a year of change. With internet users seeking choice and control over how their personal information is used online, third-party cookies are being phased out by major search engines. Is content the new cookie in a cookieless world?

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12 May, 2021

Harnessing Klaviyo’s Power And Unleashing It On Your Store

There’s plenty of email marketing apps to choose from when it comes to online stores. But when it comes to eCommerce email marketing in particular, Klaviyo is quickly becoming the most popular email app, and rightfully so.

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09 May, 2021

Why Changing Page Publishing Dates Won’t Improve SEO Rankings

If there are no significant changes made to the page's content, then changing the publishing dates on web pages will not improve search rankings, and here's why.

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05 May, 2021

Rebuilding Taylor Construction’s Website With Craft CMS

When a website isn’t performing as expected, it probably means it’s time for an upgrade. This was the case for Taylor Construction, so we rebuilt their website with Craft CMS to deliver a friendly user experience.

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24 March, 2021

5 Key Metrics You Should Be Monitoring In Your Google Ads Campaign

If Google Ads campaigns aren’t managed correctly, it’ll not only be time-consuming to update but expensive to correct. Here are the five key metrics you should be monitoring in your Google Ads campaigns.

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22 March, 2021

3 Shopify Apps That We Include In All Of Our eCommerce Builds

When building a website with Shopify, there are various apps available. Among the many apps, we use a few specific ones in our eCommerce builds to extend our clients’ online store’s functionality.

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18 March, 2021

6 Important Things To Do To Make Your eCommerce Store A Success

When it comes to eCommerce stores, it’s no secret that they're increasing in popularity - which is why we’ve crafted six important things to do to ensure an eCommerce store is a success.

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14 March, 2021

How We Helped Smokai Double Their Online Revenue

Smokai approached us to help them enhance their eCommerce’s sales strategy. When Standard Shopping campaigns didn’t return results, we pivoted into Smart Shopping campaigns that enabled Smokai to double their revenue.

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01 March, 2021

How We Increased Plant Projects’ Transactions By Over 300%

Plant Projects wanted us to help them drive more sales online. Through performance and email marketing, we helped them increase their online transactions by 300% in 45 days.

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