Web Design Hamilton

We're a website design company Hamilton businesses can work with to improve their digital presence. We believe that a strong strategy and team driving it forward is at the heart of any good website. We design and build fast, responsive, and easy-to-navigate websites.


A web design company dedicated to accelerating your brand.

We’re not like your typical web design company, we care about you and your success. At Do Good Things, we’re not about the quick sale, we’re about designing you a website that looks beautiful, functions well, is easy to navigate and built to last.

Web design for your brand

Our turnkey solutions are designed to meet your needs. We offer the best quality of work in the market, from logo creation to graphic design to brand guidelines. We help develop your brand identity and integrate it into your new responsive website design.

Local partnerships

Our success is built on partnerships. We work with local Hamilton businesses and national New Zealand companies to drive growth. Our clients are our pride, we’re passionate about what we do and who we work with, from eCommerce stores to SaaS companies.

Conversion focused design

We create web designs that drive conversions. Our websites are designed to align with high-converting marketing strategies. Our web design solution encompasses persuasive design techniques to get your visitors turning into customers on the first page.

Content Creators

Marketing Strategy

We design and develop websites and a whole lot more.

Web design is one aspect of our expertise. We also specialise in various other areas within the digital world. Designing and developing websites is only one part of the equation. We extend our expertise to the wonderful world of content writing, digital marketing, social media and more. Our complete digital solution helps businesses and brands succeed in the online world. 

Attract Your Audience

We attract visitors and convert them to customers.

We're not just another website or design agency. We’re wholeheartedly invested in your brand. We listen, we care, we strategise, and we execute. You will have an open line of communication with your personal account manager. From the very beginning of our partnership, we align your business goals with our web and design services and map out a plan on how we’ll help you grow your business.

Convert Customers

Partner with us to do good.

Our services range from branded design to web development. We help you stand out and attract more customers. We know clients rely on us, so we make it our point to ensure your project is a success.

Helping you take your business online
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Our team of digital account managers, web designers and developers work collaboratively to create a strategy suited to you. Our integrated digital team works hand in hand with organisations to drive growth and take your business online.

Website design that drives conversions
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Our experienced team designs a user-friendly and optimised site for your brand’s online presence and visibility. Your new web design will integrate seamlessly with any mobile device. We align your website design needs with your business success goals and create a product that drives conversions.

Sustainable success with a new website
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Whether it's a new business or transferring to an online store, we take brands from retail to digital, ensuring your web design is optimised to appear at the top of search results. We have many skills beyond website design, including marketing strategy, SEO, and Google Ads.

Functional websites designed for marketing
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If something doesn't look good, people won't buy it or use it, whether it be on an eCommerce website or SaaS website. Our designers are committed to creating beautiful and functional designs that are fully responsive across all devices. Every product is designed to have a human touch.

Web design optimised for search engine rankings
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We use the latest techniques and trends to get your business found with an SEO-focused, search engine optimised design that converts and drives customers. We build websites that are mobile friendly.

Our design team and developers take pride in their work, as they manage the entire process of your website and ensure it meets the needs of your target audience. We provide ongoing support to help you get the best from both worlds.

A web design search engine optimisation specialist
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User interface design is one aspect. And the other is the user experience. For every project, we put SEO principles at the base of our design, ensuring your website development is search engine optimised.

We have completed different projects for business success and brands in various stages of growth. Our design is optimised to ensure your own website ranks highly on search engines.

Graphic design that aligns with your brand
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Good design matters. People don't want to be marketed at – they want to be engaged.

Web design is the first impression you will make on your customers. We convey our ideas to you and execute them based on best practices.

Personalised websites that encourage people to buy
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We design for the end-user. We aim to create successful websites that feels personal and intuitive. Your audience should be able to navigate your site easily and find your contact page intuitively.

Follow industry leaders and migrate to Webflow, the latest digital trend 
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One of the newest and most innovative website development platforms, Webflow offers web developers and designers a substantially quicker, easier, and more streamlined process.

Being a 'no-code/low code' platform, Webflow lets our team focus more on the important stuff and less on the fiddly code that slows development time. We design and build custom websites.

Interactive design to responsive web development
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Our team provides prototypes and wireframes to visualise better how your visitors will interact with your new website. It allows us to present designs intuitively and easily collaborate on ideas with clients to achieve the features they wish to include.

Timely communication and updates
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You're always kept in the loop with how your site is coming along, plus you're able to give valuable input when needed to help shape the direction of the process. We use Figma for its prototyping speed and how close you can get to visualising the result. 

Your Hamilton business partner for visible growth
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We're proud sponsors of local Hamilton, New Zealand clients and strive for success for all businesses we work with, from your local business owner to large Hamilton brands. While most web design companies focus on one part of a website, we can take care of your entire website process, from the content management system and integrates to the branding and web design.

We don't just talk about taking brands from A to B; we deliver the service we promise. Hamilton is a city in the Waikato region located on the North Island of New Zealand. Hamilton is best known for the 'Hamilton Gardens', which features theme gardens from the Italian Renaissance to traditional Maori styles.

Your web design will stand out from the competition.

Whether you're a Hamilton tourism business, a New Zealand eCommerce store, a SaaS company looking for growth, or a global brand looking for digital help, we're here to help your business grow.

Our creatives, storytellers, and designers can help your business grow online.

We create beautiful designs that attract your ideal customers. Our development team is up to date with the latest coding languages and techniques to deliver pleasant experiences for your users across every platform and device.

Creative design for your website

We develop websites and creative designs that lead to increased engagement online. Our creative team can tailor your design to meet your needs. With expert web designers, we produce high-quality work that connects you with your audience.

Showcasing your brand story

In all our partnerships, we don’t just do the bare minimum. We showcase your brand’s story to the world, drawing in new Hamilton clients for your business. Your website is your brand, and we make sure every page reflects you and your message is heard.

Robust, innovative web solutions

Delivering high-quality new website designs at an affordable cost without compromising quality is our talent. Our pricing is transparent – no unexpected costs are hidden in anything we do. Our websites are robust and innovative, designed for SEO and custom to your brand.

Let's do good things together.

Our partnership with you will make your connection to your customer a valuable experience. From crafting a unique digital identity for you to designing and implementing marketing strategies that will see sustainable, measurable growth.

A dedicated team backing your digital growth.