How Much Does Website Copywriting Cost in NZ?

Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell
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April 3, 2023
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How Much Does Website Copywriting Cost in NZ?

Professional copywriting services for a website can cost anywhere from $400 to $5000 or more, depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Some copywriters charge by the hour, while others charge by the project or word count.

Factors that Influence Website Copywriting Rates

Website copywriting is an essential component of any online business, as it helps to convey the brand's message to its audience. However, determining how much you can pay for your website's copywriting rate can be challenging, as several factors can influence it. In this blog post, we will discuss the top factors that influence website copywriting rates.

  • Experience and Expertise

The writer's experience and expertise influence website copywriting rates. An experienced copywriter with a proven record of producing high-quality website content will typically charge more than a less experienced writer. This is because experienced copywriters possess a deeper understanding of the industry and can create copy that effectively speaks to the intended audience.

  • Project Scope

Another factor that can influence website copywriting rates is the project scope. The project scope includes the number of pages that need to be written, the complexity of the content, and the research involved. If the project requires extensive research, a higher rate may be justified.

  • Timeframe

The timeframe in which the project needs to be completed can also influence website copywriting rates. If the project has a tight deadline, the writer may need to work overtime or reschedule other projects, leading to higher rates.

  • Industry Niche

The industry niche can also impact website copywriting rates. For instance, a writer who specialises in medical copywriting may charge more than a generalist writer due to the technical nature of the content.

  • Type of Content

The type of content required can also impact website copywriting rates. For example, product descriptions, landing pages, and email campaigns may require more time and effort than blog posts. Therefore, the rates for these types of content may be higher.

  • Client Budget

Finally, the client's budget can also influence website copywriting rates. If a client has a limited budget, the writer may need to adjust their rates to accommodate their needs. However, it's important to note that lower rates may sometimes translate to lower-quality work.

What Goes into Writing Website Copy?

Compelling website copy clearly and concisely communicates its products or services to its target audience. This requires research to understand the audience's needs and pain points, creating a clear brand voice and messaging, and organising content for easy navigation. 

For the website's landing pages, you should expect persuasive copywriting that engages visitors and inspires them to contact you. 

The copywriter should also optimise the content for search engines with relevant keywords and meta descriptions. Writing website copy requires a combination of creativity, strategy, and technical skills to achieve the website's goals.

How Much Experience Should a Copywriter Have?

The level of experience required for a professional copywriter can vary depending on the job and the industry. Generally, a professional writer should have a strong understanding of marketing principles and possess excellent writing skills. 

Entry-level positions may require at least one to two years of experience, while more senior roles may require five or more years of experience in copywriting, content creation, or related fields. Ultimately, the ideal experience level will depend on the specific job requirements and the company's expectations.

How Much Experience Should a Copywriter Have?

What Type of Website Content Do You Need?

The type of website content you need depends on your website's purpose and target audience. To ensure success, you must provide essential details about your product or service, an enquiry form, contact information and a clear call-to-action.

There are various ways to structure your website content to increase conversion, where professional copywriters can help improve your results. For example, if they work for an agency, they work within a team of website designers, digital marketing and search engine optimisation specialists. In that case, they will understand how to write compelling copy to increase conversion and attract more potential customers.

In addition to the standard content, various forms of content writing and design help increase the likelihood of engaging prospective customers, such as blog writing, articles, videos, infographics, and testimonials. These valuable additions effectively connect with your audience and offer them helpful information. Keeping website content up-to-date and relevant is also crucial in retaining visitor traffic. 

How Much Research is Involved in Writing Website Copy?

The amount of research involved in writing website copy can vary depending on factors such as the industry, audience, and project scope. However, website copywriting requires a significant amount of research to ensure the content is accurate, informative, and engaging.

The areas that a website copywriter should research:

  • Target Audience: To effectively write content for a website, the copywriter needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the target audience's demographics, interests, and needs. The process may include studying market trends, gathering customer feedback, and analysing industry reports.
  • Industry and competitor research: Understanding the industry and competitors is vital for a copywriter working on a website. This can involve researching industry publications, competitor websites, and social media platforms.
  • Product or Service Research: To effectively write website content, a copywriter must comprehensively understand the product or service offered. The process may include researching product specifications, features, benefits, and unique selling points.
  • SEO Writing: A copywriter should possess knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) to guarantee that website copy is optimised for search engines by utilising best practices. The process may include conducting keyword research, creating meta descriptions, and implementing various SEO strategies.

Do You Need SEO Optimisation for Your Website Copy?

Search engine optimisation is a critical aspect of website copywriting that can enhance a website's visibility, ranking, and user experience, resulting in increased traffic and business prospects.

Some techniques included in SEO content writing, including keyword research, meta descriptions, title tags, internal linking, and content optimisation, are utilised to optimise website copy for search engines, ultimately increasing the website's visibility to potential customers.

Without SEO optimisation, your website may not be able to compete with other websites that have worked with an SEO specialist. As a result, your potential customers may need help finding your website, and you may miss out on valuable leads and sales opportunities.

A digital marketing agency should include SEO writing in the cost of their copywriting services. However, these SEO costs may differ depending on the additional work on the technical side you may want to include. Read our article on how to understand how digital marketing agencies charge and how to select the correct type of package for your business. 

Get in touch if you have any questions as we are a full-service digital marketing and seo agency Wellington businesses and NZ companies can rely on to help grow their online results.

What Level of Editing and Proofreading is Required?

Effective website copy necessitates careful editing and proofreading to guarantee precision, uniformity, and coherence. This involves verifying for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and ensuring that the content is well-structured and free of redundancy.

Copywriters use tools like grammar checkers and style guides to ensure that the content meets industry standards. In addition, they may collaborate with an editor or proofreader to further refine the content, depending on the level of editing required.

Average Prices for Professional Copywriting Services for a Website?

  • $900: A conversion landing page for SEO & Search Advertising
  • $2000: per month for SEO writing for a growth package for your website
  • $2500+: per month for an advanced SEO writing package for your website

The prices for professional copywriting services for a website vary depending on several factors, such as the scope of the project, the level of expertise required, the experience of the copywriter, and the location of the copywriting service provider.

Do Good Things is a full-service digital marketing agency that ensures high-quality content written with On-page SEO costs included. Our team of experienced copywriters ensure your blog posts, website copy, and ad copy are well-researched and targeting commercial keywords with high intent, ready to drive business growth for your company.

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It is important to note that some copywriting services may charge more for additional services such as SEO optimisation, editing, and proofreading, which can affect the project's overall cost.

When selecting a professional copywriting service provider, it is essential to consider the quality of their work, their experience, and their ability to deliver the project within the agreed timeframe.

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How Much Do Freelance Copywriters Charge for Website Copy?

Freelance website copywriters typically charge rates varying from $50 to $250 per hour or $0.10 to $2 per word, based on their experience level and the project's extent. A few may also charge a flat fee for a specific project, ranging from $500 to $10,000, depending on the project's complexity.

The fees for freelance website copywriters may differ based on various factors, including the writer's experience and skills, the project's complexity, and the research and SEO optimisation needed.

When selecting a freelance website copywriter, consider their experience and read their portfolio when considering the cost. Their lack of expertise or low-cost pricing may determine their ability to deliver high-quality work within the agreed timeframe.

What Do Professional Website Copywriting Agencies Charge?

On average, professional website copywriting agencies may charge anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more for a basic website with 5 to 10 pages of content. For larger websites with more pages and complex content, the cost can range from $10,000 to $20,000 or more, depending on the project's requirements.

Professional website copywriting agencies tend to have higher fees than freelance copywriters due to a team of experienced professionals, including copywriters, editors, and SEO specialists, working on each project.

When selecting a professional website copywriting agency, it is important to consider their work's quality, measurable results, and the client feedback they get before employing the agency.

A full-service digital marketing agency will generally allow for a percentage of rewriting and editing within their cost of copywriting. Still, it is worth asking before you sign the contract. 

Please read our article for more information now on how much it will cost to build a website

What are the Ongoing Costs for Website Copywriting?

  • $400- 900: per additional landing page 
  • $1350: per month for startup retainer for blog posts
  • $2000: per month for a growth retainer for SEO-optimised pillar pages & blog posts
  • $2800+: per month for advanced SEO retainer optimised pillar pages & blog posts

Website content that requires ongoing costs falls mainly within SEO retainers. Businesses that want to improve their search ranking with long-form content need to be posting regularly. Costs then depend on how many long-form pages need to be created and how quickly you want to rank. 

This is where copywriting services help decrease your workload and help you write content that will help increase your ranking. They can also help you write your email marketing and social media marketing to improve your online visibility. 

How to Choose the Right Website Copywriter for Your Business

  • Look for experience and expertise in your industry
  • Evaluate their writing style to ensure it matches your brand's voice
  • Check their testimonials and references from past clients
  • Discuss the project scope, timelines, and pricing upfront
  • Look for a copywriter willing to communicate and collaborate with you throughout the project.

How to Choose the Right Website Copywriter for Your Business

10 Questions You Should Ask When You're Hiring a Website Copywriter?

  1. Can you provide information on your previous experience writing website copy for businesses in my industry?
  2. Can you describe your research and content creation methods for a project?
  3. What methods are used to optimise content for search engines?
  4. How do you create a content strategy that aligns with my business goals?
  5. Can you provide samples of previous website copywriting work you have done?
  6. How do you ensure the content is engaging, informative, and persuasive for my target audience?
  7. How do you handle revisions and edits to the content, and how many rounds of revisions are included in your service?
  8. Can you provide information on your pricing model and package inclusions?
  9. Please provide your availability and estimated timeline for project completion.
  10. How do you ensure the content is delivered on time and within budget?

Why Choose a Copywriting Agency?

Hiring a specialised copywriting agency can be a simple solution for companies looking to enhance their online presence. Professional copywriting service providers can analyse your company from your target audience's perspective and create copy that delivers results, be it increased organic traffic, sales, or leads.

Outsourcing content marketing materials to a copywriting agency also means you can save time and focus on other business priorities. Any business, regardless of its product or service, can benefit from the advantages of employing professional copywriters.

Are you looking for Professional Website and SEO Copywriters?

Do Good Things can help you out; we are a full-service digital marketing agency.

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Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell
Managing Director
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