How We Increased Plant Projects’ Transactions By Over 300%

Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell
Managing Director
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March 2, 2021
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How We Increased Plant Projects’ Transactions By Over 300%


Plant Projects is an eCommerce store that sells premium plant-based and dairy alternative milk products. With their most well-known products being their ‘Oatly’ oat milk and their ‘Happy Happy Soy Boy’ soy milk, many people have probably tasted their milk before in their cafe coffees and didn’t even know.

Back in October of 2020, Plant Projects approached us to help them reach their online sales goals. With their products selling well in retail stores (like food shops) and cafes, Plant Projects wanted to take to the online market to sell their products to a broader audience.

While they had an eCommerce store, they wanted to learn how to utilise it to drive more sales online. When we started, Plant Projects didn’t have Google Analytics set up or enhanced eCommerce turned on. So our first focus was ensuring all tracking features were enabled and installed.

The Problem

Happy Soy Boy Plant Projects partnership with Do Good Things digital marketing

The store had a solid base of users, but there was no baseline on how users interacted with the site.

We audited their analytics stack and uncovered that revenue was not being reported correctly in Google Analytics or Facebook ads manager.

They also had a Google ad campaign running that was not structured correctly. Their Facebook marketing was not harnessing the power of Facebooks’ pixel because it was not installed correctly.

Their current email marketing platform was clunky and not used by the marketing team.

  1. Tracking wasn’t set up properly.
  2. No structure to their performance marketing campaigns.
  3. Not automated nurture sequences enabled.

The Solution

Oatly Plant Projects partnership with Do Good Things digital marketing

Once we had a baseline of their data, we were able to start making assumptions about their users. Why they were purchasing, why they weren’t - and what we needed to do to make them purchase more.

Plant Projects’ top products were the ‘Oatly’ oat milk and the ‘Happy Happy Soy Boy’ soy milk - so we naturally started drafting how we could bundle the products together to make a value-added offer users couldn’t resist.

There were plenty of competitors in their industry, with plant-based milk alternatives being the latest trend, so it was important for Plant Projects to stand out.

  1. Install the proper tracking pixels.
  2. Integrate Klaviyo into their store.
  3. Build and launch Google Shopping and Google text campaigns.
  4. Turn on email nurturing sequences.
  5. Train the team on how to use Klaviyo.

What the strategy produced.

After turning on the performance marketing campaign, we had a 300% increase in users. Both text and Shopping ads were running well, with shopping taking the case as the most effective channel due to the low CPC’s - the revised shopping titles helped keep the product listing ads keyword rich.

Once their performance marketing generated top-level awareness and consideration, Klaviyo helped us keep the customers, with 1 in every 3 new customers repeat purchasing within 14 days of first purchasing.

  1. 1 in 3 new customers purchased again within 14 days.
  2. 300% user increase.
  3. 300% transaction increase.

More than just strategy and delivery, but training as well.

We understand that marketing teams want to get their hands on shiny new software - sometimes that software is hard to find and even harder to ensure that it is a good fit within the business.

We carefully evaluated what Plant Projects needed and matched them with Klaviyo. Yes - Klaviyo would help with their automated sequences, but it also addresses an issue that many marketers face - sending email newsletters quickly and easily.

We worked with Plant Project’s marketing team to ensure they were able to use Klaviyo. We consulted the team on the implementation, setup and strategy, as their day to day operations included using the Klaviyo platform. Plant Projects got more value running their internal marketing themselves as their team knew what was happening in the business.

The Outcome

After 45 days of hard work, our digital marketing team are now starting to see the fruit of the labour. eCommerce is a multi-channel approach that relies on top of the funnel activities but also nutrition and emails sequences to ensure we are maximising Plant Product’s database to its true potential.


As Plant Project’s products are fast-moving consumer goods - it’s perishable, and it runs out. We wanted to keep people buying, and so we knew that sometimes their customers needed a nudge in the right direction and a reminder to buy again.

Within the time of working with Plant Projects, here’s what we did:

  1. Installed Google Analytics and tracking to determine where revenue was coming from.
  2. Installed tracking - Facebook pixel and Google Analytics.
  3. Narrowed down the top 3 products to Oat Milk, Soy Milk, and Milk Bundle.
  4. Ensured all images were of high quality and title tags were relevant to increase Google Shopping quality score.
  5. Optimised search queries, added negative keywords and used smart bidding.
  6. Created a bundle package at a discount for the best value of money.
  7. Implemented Klaviyo email marketing with automated sequences.

Over 45 days, we helped Plant Projects’ transactions increase by over 300%.

Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell
Managing Director
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