Statement of work

This SOW is subject to the Master Services Agreement between Client and Agency effective as of the date signed on the MSA (the “MSA”). Capitalised terms not defined in this SOW have the meanings given in the MSA.


Agency’s work will be prepared to the following specific as referenced in the quote sent to you.

Payment Schedule

As laid out in the quote sent to you.


As laid out in the quote sent to you

Assumptions and Client Obligations

In addition to Client’s obligations described in Section 3 of the MSA, Agency’s obligations under the agreement are subject to the following:

  1. Client approval of the creative brief no later than 2 weeks after being presented.
  2. This SOW is correct based on information currently available
  3. Client’s data handling practices comply with all applicable privacy laws
  4. Client’s engagement of Agency will not cause Agency to be treated as a “data processor” or “data controller” under GDPR
  5. No personally identifiable customer or user data relating to EU citizens will be provided by Client to Agency
  6. All requested approvals and feedback within 2 business days of request
  7. This agreement is based on a “fair use” policy. We are happy to make out of scope, minor revisions when needed out of good will, at our discretion. But if drafts have been approved and additional work is requested on top of them that fall outside of the scope - we reserve the right to charge for these services - all charges will be agreed before hand
  8. The agency reserves the right to bill any credit card on file for outstanding balances