Why We Use Craft CMS for Web Development

Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell
Managing Director
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June 30, 2021
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Why We Use Craft CMS for Web Development

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Craft CMS is a platform that gives you the tools to create web developments quickly – no need to wrestle with predefined themes. Choosing a Craft CMS partner means that you’d be working with a team that has in-depth knowledge of Craft’s Content Management System (CMS).

The right Craft CMS partner will deliver your business responsive website design and development. As web design company in Queenstown, we service New Zealand and Australia – working with Craft CMS to create digital solutions for brands’ web projects.

Seeing is believing. Check out one of our recent partnerships with Taylor Construction to see how our developers used Craft CMS to deliver an amazing digital experience.

Craft CMS Developers

Why Website Developers Choose Craft CMS
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When website developers become more experienced with the Craft platform, they become Craft CMS partners. There are plenty of reasons why developers choose Craft, with a few of the benefits being Craft's design and development features and its functionality.

Design and develop

Craft gives you and your developers the tools to build your web development quickly, write your own HTML, create custom templates and manage multiple sites. In addition, Craft CMS regularly releases updates and fixes bugs. For developers, software support comes with paid licenses.

Functional and optimised

With Craft, you can work with your website designers and developers to decide how little or how much functionality your web development project requires. Then, with multiple tools and features, your Craft CMS partner will optimise your web development for the best performance.

Build and extend

Craft offers a full library suite and APIs that plugins can use. With hundreds of plugins only a click away in the built-in plugin store, your Craft Partner can also build personal plugins with custom functionality.

In addition to the many benefits explained above, Craft CMS is also used for its security, speed and more. Read our Craft CMS vs. Wordpress review for more information.

The Flexibility of Craft CMS

The Flexibility of Craft CMS
(Source: Craft CMS)

Craft CMS offers various plugins in its plugin store – some free, some paid. Beyond Craft plugins, Craft CMS is chosen by developers for its extensive range of entry content types, structures and channels.


Rather than just one option of a generic entry content type, Craft CMS breaks entries into three different categories: singles, channels and structures.


Singles are used for one-off pages, like your homepage or about page. While the single category is a small feature, it’s well-loved in the Craft community. Your Craft CMS developers have probably experienced managing one-off pages and the difficulty in doing so, but Craft CMS makes it easy.


Channels are used for repeatable content, like news updates, blog posts, and alike (like the blog post you’re reading now).


Structures are used for repeatable content that you want to control and arrange. For example, if you’ve got a team page of employees or a list of services, structures are perfect.


Craft CMS also has globals, which are used to store content that doesn’t quite fit into an entry type. For example, globals are used for specific content like contact phone numbers, your brand’s address and social media links.

Custom field types

Craft CMS’s custom field types, primarily the Matrix fields, allow you to work alongside your Craft CMS developers and manage complex pages without coding experience.

The Benefits of Working With a Craft CMS Developer

The Benefits of Working With a Craft CMS Developer
(Source: Craft CMS)

When working with a Craft developer, they will show professionalism and reliability in all aspects of their business practice. Be confident in knowing that your Craft partner knows and understands Craft CMS and takes your business seriously.

From a one-off change to an existing build or a new project from start to finish, all Craft partners have proven experience with Craft. As a result, you can expect to experience your developer's expertise and knowledge of Craft first-hand.

Built on an open source platform

Craft CMS is built on mature open source frameworks and is extensible through plugins like Yii and Twig. Yii is a PHP framework that is fast and secure, and Twig is a templating language for PHP. Craft’s comparable quality makes it unique, as the CMS is packaged into a professional and paid product.

In the unique situation that Craft CMS isn't as expected, your developer can create custom plugins or purchase them from the Craft plugin store.

Choosing the Right Craft CMS Developer

Choosing the right partner to accompany you on your new web development journey doesn’t have to be complicated. As website designers based in Queenstown, we service New Zealand and Australia.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s discuss your next project.

Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell
Managing Director
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