Rebuilding Taylor Construction’s Website With Craft CMS

Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell
Managing Director
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May 6, 2021
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Rebuilding Taylor Construction’s Website With Craft CMS


Taylor Construction is a company that specialises in construction services, specifically new homes and project management. They wanted to showcase their completed projects and extend their customer reach.

Four months ago, Taylor Construction approached us to improve their website and improve the overall User Experience (UX). They had a website up and running already, and while it did get a lot of direct traffic, customers wanted to view their completed projects on a user-friendly website.

The Issue

The Issue

The old website didn’t accurately reflect Taylor Construction’s company. Without customers being able to see their work clearly, it wasn’t engaging them. There was no clear information about the services they offered, the areas they services, and how to get in contact.

With a lack of structure, there was no clear flow or anything directing customers on where to click next - where to view their work. The website’s whole design wasn’t fully optimised for the UX - it was slow and clunky.

The main problems we found:

  1. Customers were unable to view their work easily.
  2. The website was slow and clunky.
  3. Images weren’t responsive.
  4. No friendly UX design.

The Plan

After the main problems were identified, brainstorming solutions was the next step. By gaining further understanding of Taylor Construction’s business, we strategically identified the steps to improve their website - with the best-found solution being a rebuild.

Planning out the content.

Before moving forward to the technical aspect, we needed to have a content plan in mind - what we needed to include on their website to engage customers.

The content we included:

  1. About page.
  2. Detailed service pages.
  3. Project pages with responsive images.
  4. Contact details and buttons on each page.

Planning for the web design.

With an idea of the content we needed to include, we needed to use a Content Management System (CMS) that could support this content while delivering a friendly UX - which is why we turned to Craft.

The web design aspects we included:

  1. Ability to upload and edit content easily.
  2. Added functionality to advertise job openings.
  3. Responsive images and fast loading information.

The Rebuild

The Rebuild

We looked to Craft CMS to rebuild the website, along with NEXT.js, for its responsiveness. We chose Craft due to a few reasons, with the main being scalability and freedom. Taylor Construction’s team needed to be able to update their website regularly. Craft helped their team to upload content without needing development experience.

Why we used Craft CMS.

Craft enabled maximum customisation and creative freedom. With a decent amount of information to include, Craft was the perfect option that allowed us to format it in a way that was best suited to Taylor Construction’s needs.

Craft CMS’ features

  1. Scalability
  2. Functionality
  3. Creative freedom

What Craft CMS produced.

The load speed time was much faster, the images were responsive, and there was the added functionality of advertising job openings, new project images, and more. Overall, Craft produced a friendly UX website.

Craft CMS’ benefits

  1. Enabled Taylor Construction’s team to upload and edit content themselves.
  2. Produced a responsive and long-lasting website.
  3. Ensured a user-friendly website experience.
  4. Decreased load speed time.

The Outcome

The Outcome

From an outdated, slow and clunky website to a modern website built on new technology that will last over three years, we gave Taylor Construction the ability to add and upload content as needed. With their customers wanting to see their work on a user-friendly website, we ensured it was responsive and functional.

  1. Website built on new technology that will last over three years.
  2. Showcased completed projects with responsive images.
  3. Added functionality to edit and upload content easily.
  4. Overall friendly UX design.

Moving forward

We continue to maintain Taylor Construction’s website - ensuring everything is running smoothly. From responsive images to advertising for job opening, Taylor Construction continues to reap the benefits of a new website built on Craft CMS.

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Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell
Managing Director
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